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prehistory to 1500

what douse Neolithic mean? new stone
what douse paleolithic mean? old stone
what was the first upright hominids remains called? Lucy
where did homo erutus's leave? Aferica
whats a nomad? someone who fallows food
men hunt what did woman do? gathered
what are we all? African americans
where did homo sapiens sapiens originate from? africa
when your what and what are taken care of you have time to what? food, security, and think and prosper
what developed over time? religion
when was the Neolithic age? 8,000 - 5,000 years ago
what's a another definition for nomads? no home
advanced what began to form city's
what's complex institution government, religion
what is Mesopotamia the birth place of civilization
what douse irrigation mean ? the movement of water
what is civilization food surplus
what was created and started to be used? metal tools
what douse homo mean? same
how is race determined? climate
what became big farming
birth place of what? civilization
things started to get? individualized
why were things individualized? for a specific task
what is a cast? purity of blood
they were the first place to have what? grid city's
Olmec was where? Mexico
Maya was where? Mexico
Aztec was where? Mexico
Inca was were? Peru
what's roseatastone? foreign langue you lurn from observing
whats Harappa? acent indea
what was the code of Hammurabi? an eye for an eye
what was the cast system's symble stick man
what was the head? preasts
what was the arms and body warriors
what was the feet worker
what was the ground untouchables
whats an untouchable someone who u wanted no contact with
how did they get placed your family and or the color of your skin
what did they have in these times? in door plumbing
what did a philosopher believe? that gods wasn't what made rain or storms connected more with nature
what douse oligarchy mean? isolated
what douse democracy mean run buy the people
what did mortar do died for a cause
Zhou dynasty is what? mandate of heaven
Sparta was what? all about war
homer wrote what? odyssey and the iliad
whats oligarchy mean? ruled buy few
alexander the great conquered most of? mediterraanean
how old was he? 20
what major road was here? silk
what was left here the first records or writeing
what had to happen to the writeing? it had to get translated
how many times did it get trandlated? three
what was invented? drama
Socrates becomes a what martor
what was built here? great wall
where was it visible from? space
what did the Greeks spread ? religion
whats a caravan? a group of people traveling fallowing goods
what kind of people were here mongoleans
wat did they do? killed people
what animals did they ride? horses
what did they lurn to use? guns