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Ancient China Review

What group of people conquered the Ming Dynasty? Manchus
Who founded the Qing Dynasty? Manchus
What 3 Chinese goods were European traders most interested in? silk, tea, porcelain
What was the only port Manchus emperors opended to European traders? Canton
European traders had to pay for Chinese good with this. gold and silver
What did the British use to pay the Chinese for goods? Opium
This started when the British attacked Chinese ports Opium War
Under Manchu, China had to open all ports after they were defeated by the British due to these. superior weapons
Manchu tried to modernize China by sending students to the US to learn this. western skills and technology
While in the US, Chinese students learned about this type of government democratic
In 1912, who lead a revolt that enabled China to become a republic? Sun Yat-sen
Followers of Sun Yat-sen were called this. nationalists
What part of China did the nationalist gain control of? parts of South China
These generals caused great suffering for the peasants when they took control of territories
Who replaced Sun Yat-sen as head of the Nationalists after he died? Chiang Kai-shek
To defeat warlords, Chiang Kai-shek worked with this group. Warlords
A line of rulers within the same family dynasty
How many dynasties were in ancient China? 10
How many years did dynasties rule China? 3500
What lead to one dynasty ending and another beginning? weak rulers and corruption
China's rulers believed they had a divine right to rule called the Mandate of Heaven
Wise man trying to bring peace, love and kindness to China Confucius
Confucius lived during which dynasty? Zhou
Who did Confucius believe should set good examples? leaders/emperors
How were Confucius' teachings spread after his death? proverbs,short sayings
What geographical area failed to keep nomads from invading China? Gobi desert
Who ordered the building of the Great Wall? Shuh Huang Ti
These fierce Mongols got past the Great Wall and invaded China in the 1200s. Genghis Khan
This grandson of Genghis Khan defeated the Song dynasty Kublia Khan
The first emperor from a foreign land, and the dynasty he founded Kublia Khan,Yuan
What city did Kublia Khan choose to be his capital? Beijing
What building project did Kublia Khan exten to reach Beijing?
Who visited the court of Grand Khan and marveled at what he saw? Marco Polo
The Ming dynasty undertook what great building project? The Forbidden City
How does China rank Ln terms of its size when compared to the other nations of the world? third
How does it rank in terms of its population? first
Into how many regions do geographers divide the three
The lands of this region are the least hospitable in the world because they have too little rain, grass and soil. Outer China
What river flows across the North China Plain? Huang
As Mao Zedong began to make China into a communist nation, he followed the steps that whom had taken 30 years earlier in Russia? Lenin
Communism is the common ownership of what ____and____ by a people as a group. Land+busness
The government took businesses, industries, and properties away from the owners and landlords under what type of rule? Communism
Anyone who objected to Communism was named a(n) "____" and was punished, often by being put to death. Enemy of the people
In the late 1950s, Mao declared that all Chinese people must unselfishly unite to take a(n) " ," which meant that they must all work harder and longer for China's sUCcess. Great Leap Forward
For greater growth during Communism, all the farms in an area were joined together into. a single unit, called what? Commune
Farmers, during Communism,were divided into groups of about 1,000 each,What were these called ?
How were commune farmers paid-no matter what their job? The same
Mao did not like changes during this period because he thought it made people think only of themselves. The Great Leap Forward
In 1966, Mao roared back into action and accused government officials of this. Copying the west
Mao called the youth of China to rebel and form what army? The Red Guard
When thousands of teachers, artists, scientists, and writers were thrown out of their jobs, China began a period known as the The cultural revolution
During the chaotic period of China, only what teachings were acceptable? Mao Zedong
After Mao's death in 1976, China's new communist leaders said that Mao had made many Mistakes
Today the government of China is the least opposed to foreign influence in the area of its Economy
In the spring of____ , thousands of students gathered in Beijing to demand more freedom, but government troops forced them to leave, killing hundreds of students in the process. 1989
When Chiang Kai-shek decided to destroy the Communists, China entered into a(n) _______ that would hurt the nation for the next 20 years
Leading the Communists was a young teacher named Moa Zedong
Mao believed that eventual Communist victory depended on winning the support of the ____by promising them freedom from high rents and taxes
When Chiang sent his troops against the Communists, the small Red Army was forced to set out on a dangerous journey to Outer China called the ________
. The Communists and the Nationalists were brought together for a short time during World War II when they fought against a common enemy, the _______
When the civil war began again in 1945, the ______ had the upper hand because promises of reform to the peasants had won their widespread support
In 1949, Chiang and the remnants of the Nationalist fled to what island?
Today, the country that includes the island of Taiwan is called____
On October 1, 1949, mainland China became a communist nation known as _______
What is capitalism?
Whip was Karl Marx
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