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MT Ch4

-algia/-dynia pain
-cele hernia/swelling
-lysis destruction/breakdown/loosening/setting free
-clonus violent action
-desis surgical fixation or to bind/tie together
-ectomy surgical removal
-ia condition
-ion action/process/state/condition
-itis inflammation
-malacia abnormal softening
-otomy surgical incision
-paresis partial or incomplete paralysis
A- without
Ab- away
Ad- toward
Brady- slow
Ex- away from
Dys- bad/difficult/painful/abnormal
Hemi- half
Hyper- excessive
Hypo- deficient
Poly- many
-penia deficiency
-plasty surgical repair
-plegia paralysis
-rrhaphy surgical suturing
-rrhexis rupture
Cardi/o heart
Duct/o to lead or carry
Electr/o electricity or electric
Fasci/o fascia
Fibr/o fibrous tissue
Flex/o bend
Kines/o movement
Sarc/o flesh
Tax/o coordination/order
Tens/o stretch out/extend/strain
Muscul/o or My/o or Myos/o muscle
Quadr/o or Quadr/i four
Ten/o or Tend/o or Tendin/o tendon
Exercise Physiologist specialist who promotes physical fitness
Neurologist specialist in diseases related to nerves (diagnoses/treats the causes of paralysis and similar muscular disorders related to loss of nerve function)
Physiatrist specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation (restoring function)
Rheumatologist specialist in diseases characterized by inflammation
Sports Medicine Physician doctor who treats sports-related injuries of bones/joints/muscles
Fasciitis inflammation of the fascia
Fibromyalgia Syndrome fibrous tissue muscle pain (widespread pain)
Tenodynia pain of a tendon
Tendinitis inflammation of a tendon
Atrophy lack of development (wearing away from muscle)
Muscular Dystrophy bad/abnormal development of muscles (genetic progressive weakness and degeneration of muscles that control movement)
Myalgia muscle pain
Myocele muscle hernia
Myolysis muscle destruction or breakdown
Myomalacia abnormal softening of muscle
Myorrhexis rupture (or tearing) of a muscle
Polymyositis inflammation of many muscles
Sarcopenia deficiency of flesh (loss of muscle mass/strength/function)
Atonic lacking (normal) muscle tone
Dystonia condition of abnormal (muscle) tone
Hypertonia condition of excessive (muscle) tone
Hypotonia condition of deficient (muscle) tone
Myotonia muscle tone condition (of slow relaxation after a contraction)
Ataxia condition without coordination
Dystaxia condition of abnormal coordination (mild ataxia)
Contracture permanent tightening of muscle tissues
Bradykinesia condition of slowness in (muscle) movement
Dyskinesia condition of abnormal (involuntary muscle) movement
Hyperkinesia condition of excessive (muscle) movement
Hypokinesia condition of decreased/deficient (muscle) movement
Nocturnal Myoclonus (sudden and involuntary) violent action of muscle at night (jerking of the limbs prior to falling asleep)
Singultus myoclonus of the diaphragm (hiccup)
Myoparesis partial paralysis of muscle
Hemiparesis partial paralysis of half (of the body)
Hemiplegia paralysis of half (of the body)
Paraplegia paralysis of both legs of the lower part of the body
Quadriplegia paralysis of (all) four (extremities)
Electromyography process of producing a record of muscular electricity (measures strength of contractions)
Electromyogram a record of muscular electricity
Electroneuromyography process of producing a record of neuromuscular electricity (measures nerve impulse)
Fasciotomy surgical incision into fascia (to relieve tension/pressure)
Fascioplasty surgical repair of fascia
Tenodesis binding together a tendon (to a bone)
Tenolysis to set free a tendon (from adhesions)
Tenectomy surgical removal of part of a tendon
Tenoplasty surgical repair of a tendon
Tenorrhaphy surgical suturing of a tendon
Tenotomy surgical incision into a tendon (to correct a deformity caused by abnormal shortening of a muscle)
Myectomy surgical removal of part of a muscle
Myoplasty surgical repair of a muscle
Myotomy surgical incision into a muscle
Ergonomics pertaining to human factors that affect the design/operation of tools and the work environment
Adhesion band of fibrous tissue that holds structures together abnormally
Myofascial Release specialized tissue manipulation to relieve pain (from fibromyalgia)
CTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
EMG Electromyogram
FMS Fibromyalgia Syndrome
hemi hemiplegia
IC Intermittent Claudication
IS Impingement Syndrome
MG Myasthenia Gravis
MD Muscular Dystrophy
PM polymyositis
quad quadriplegia or quadriplegic
RSD Repetitive Stress Disorder
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