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Combine Forms4


carp/o wrist bone
cis/o to cut
crani/o skull
cutane/o skin
dur/o dura mater outer layer
gen/o produce, begin
men/o menses / monthly
nat/i birth
norm/o rule,order
plas/o formation,growth
ren/o kidney
scapul/o shoulder blade
top/o put,place
troph/o development
Secrete epinephrine & cortisol adrenal glands
secrete estrogen/progestrogen ovaries
secrete PTH parathroid glands
secrete ACTH, FSH GH, TSH pituitary gland
secretes Testerone testes
secretes T4 thyroxine thyroid gland
hyperplasia cell increase in number
hypertrophy cell increase in size
atrophy cell shrink in size
anesthesia loss of sensation
polycystic multiple, abnormal closed cavity
syn- with,together
-drome running, occurring
dactyl/o fingers or toes
syndactyly fused together condition
ultra- beyond,excess
adduction towards body
partum birth/labor
inter- between
ocul/o eyes
aphasia stroke (language)(brain)
ben- good
ectopic outside normal location
extrahepatic outside liver
cardioversion restoring the rhythm of the heart
syncope fainting
angina any attack of painful spasms characterized by sensations of choking or suffocating.
secretes insulin pancreas
regulates calcium in blood / bones parathroid gland
abduction away from
hypopnea abnormally shallow and slow breathing.
parathroid gland located back of thyroid gland near pharynx
hypophysitis Inflammation of the pituitary gland.
hypophysis the technical name for pituitary gland
bilateral both sides
apnea airways collapse or blocked
antigen foreign substance, bacteria or virus
anemia decrease of hemoglobin in blood
antibiotic medication that destroy microorganisms
atrophy cell decrease / loss
bradycardia slow heartbeat rate >60
aphesia without speech
amenorrhea lack of menstrual flow
antepartum before birth
prenatal before birth
adrenal glands near kidneys
dialysis seperation of waste material when kidney fail
epidural hematoma blood mass above membrane surrounding brain
hyperglycemia to much blood sugar
hypoglycemia inefficient blood sugar
endocrine glands glands secretes hormone within body
metastasis change of place / beyond control
periosteum membrane surrounding bone
extracranial injury outside skull
intrauterine within the womb
polyuria to much urination
polydipsia to much thirst
perianal surrounding of rectum opening
subtotal not all
subscaplur below shoulder bone
prolapse slide forward
TURP transurethral resection prostate glands
remission recovery disappearance of symtoms
bolus dose of substance
thrombosis abnormal clotting condition
dysentry condition painful intestines
leukemia increase in malignant Wbc in blood and bone marrow
anemia deficiency of hemoglobin and or decrease amount of Rcb
transdermal pert. through the skin
transurethral resection partial removal prostate gland thru urethra (TURP)
hypochondriac an excessive preoccupation with and worry about one's health
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