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12-1 Incas


Incas people of a powerful South American empire in the 1400s and 1500s
Cuzco capital city of the Incan Empire, located in present-day Peru
quipu a group of knotted strings used by the Incas to record information
terraces step-like ledges cut into mountains to make land suitable for farming
census an official count of people in a certain place at a certain time
Andes a mountain chain of western South America
What did Incan runners do? carried quipus across the empire
In exchange for people's taxes, the Incan government cared for whom? the poor, the sick, and the elderly
Sapa Inca the name for the Incan ruler
Why did the Incas need to use quipus to record their data? they had no written language
What was the main geographical feature the Incas had to adapt to? the Andes mountain range
How did the Incas extend their empire? through conquest
Cuzco was the center of Incan government and _________. religion
How did Incas increase the amount of land available for them to be able to farm? created terraces
What are the three reasons why the Incan Empire fell? the Spanish brought with them guns and disease, the ruling family fought among themselves for control, and many workers began to rebel against the government
What were the three reasons why the Incas built roads? (R.A.T.) runners, armies, and trade
The Incas used stone to build what four things? (W.A.R.T.) walls, aqueducts, roads, and terraces
What is the ocean on the east coast of South America called? Atlantic Ocean
What is the ocean on the west coast of South America called? Pacific Ocean
Where is it warmer: Northern South America or Southern South America? Why? Northern South America - because that is where the equator is located
Francisco Pizarro Spanish conquistador that captured the Incan emporer
Did the Incan emperor welcome Pizarro and Pizarro's men? yes
What did Francisco Pizarro want from the Incas? he wanted the wealth the region had - specifically gold
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