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World History

World War I Review

What nation destabilized the balance of power in Europe in the years before World War I with its increasing military & industrial might? Germany
As Ottoman power declined, the Balkan Peninsula became unstable due to ethnic nationalism among Balkan peoples
What was the name of the alliance that Germany formed with Italy and Austria-Hungary in 1882 to protect itself from its neighbor France? the Triple Alliance
How did many Europeans react to the outbreak of war in August 1914? They welcomed the war with patriotic celebration
New military technologies used during World War I resulted in unprecedented bloodshed
With the Schlieffen Plan, Germany planned to win the war by quickly knocking France out of the fighting
What was the result of fighting on the Gallipoli Peninsula? Turkish forces defeated the Allies
What German tactic eventually drew the United States into World War I? the use of submarines against merchant ships
During the war, nations began to print a lot of paper money because they had difficulty paying the costs of war
Why did the United States remain neutral when World War I first broke out? The U.S. saw the war as a purely European dispute, the U.S. had cultural ties to Britain, but it also had a large German-American population, & American companies saw the war as an opportunity to sell supplies to both sides.
The Treaty of Versailles signed by Germany & the Allied Powers required Germany to accept responsibility for starting the war
Why did Russia lose territory at the Paris Peace Conference, despite the fact that it had been on the winning side of World War I? Russia was too weak to hold on to its empire following the 1917 Revolution
Which of the following is a reason why the U.S. Senate rejected membership in the League of Nations? Senators feared the League's collective security requirements would draw the nation into foreign wars.
How did the League of Nations deal with the territorial possessions lost by Germany and the Ottoman Empire in Africa and the Middle East? These territories became mandates under League supervision
The 1928 agreement, drawn up by U.S. and French officials, which outlawed war as an instrument of foreign policy was called the Kellogg-Briand Pact
The Surrealist abstract art movement which developed in post-war Europe was in part inspired by the horrors of the Great War
Who was being celebrated in a parade in Paris in 1919? U.S. President Woodrow Wilson
Why was President Woodrow Wilson arriving in France? For the post-war Paris Peace Conference
Why was President Woodrow Wilson given a hero's welcome? His 14 points were received enthusiastically by Europeans, who believed they would give them a fair & lasting post-war peace settlement
What influence did President Woodrow Wilson have on the post-war peace settlement? His 14 points were not popular with European leaders, who had made secret agreements with each other beforehand, & who wanted to severely punish Germany, which contradicted the philosophy of the 14 points. His influence on the peace settlement was not as
Created by: IAMGCS