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Prehistory to 1500

what does Neolithic mean? New stone
what does Paleolithic mean? Old stone
what country? Africa
Australopithecines Southern Ape
what is Mesopotamia? birthplace of civilization
Homo sapiens originate where? in Africa
How are we all African Americans? If DNA proves we all come from one place ( Africa)
what is irrigation? Moving water
what is civilization? advanced cities and skilled workers
what is the Most important event in history? Neolithic Age
Australopithecines first upright hominids 3-4 mil years ago? Lucy
Why are people racist? Race is determined by climate
Nomadic means? No home
Cross the Bearing strait? 25,000 BCE
Homo sapiens was how many years ago? 120,000 years ago
what tools people used here in the Neolithic age? metal tools
Normaid followed? Food
Homo Erectus left what isolated? Africa
first upright how many years ago? 3-4 million years ago
what was modern humans in 30,000 BCE? Homo sapiens
King of Babylonian? Hammurabi
Most of Mesopotamia is ? Babylonia Empire
If your high class then? less punishment
The social structure of the? pyramid
Rivers land nearby makes fertilize and? minerals
Outside of the Caste System? The Untouchables
what is Cuneiform? meso writing and wedge shape
what used to translate hieroglyphics ? Rosetta stone
Is close to India? Pakistan
Flows north 4,000 miles? Nile river
ancient Egypt used what kind of writing? hieroglyphics
Ancient Egypt begins? 3100 BCE in Nile delta
caste is what level? social level
No beasts of what (pack animals) burden
Reigned 1700s BCE Hammurabi
Rigid social is? Hierarchy
The caste system is? In India
they also used what type of Cities? Grid Cities
what did the head represent? priest
Athens is all about what? democracy
Sparta is all about? war
Homer wrote Odyssey and? lliad
what does Oligarchy mean? rules by few
what kept out the nomads Great wall
what is it invisible from? space
Socrates became a? martar
silk roads is known for? Desert ships
Exchange religion and? culture
alexander the great started Hellenistic? Golden age
what does alexander the great do? He unifies Greece
Chinese dynasty was the what dynasty? 1st dynasty
camel what from china to India? caravans
mandate of what can keep ruling? heaven
what is west? western civics west Eur and us "the west"
Socrates method instead of trial? suicide
luxury items like? jewelry and silk
who wrote odyssey? Homer
what is the Chinese dynasty? Shang dynasty
wanted to explain nature without saying? The gods did it
What was ruled by kings? Republic
what is upper class? Patricians
what is lower class Plebeians
Jesus of Nazareth born? 1 CE ish
what developed after Jesus death in 33 CE? branch
what is the capital at Mail? Timbuktu
went to what as Muslim? mecca
brought tons of? Gold
The Mongols had the largest? land
the Mongols was best with horses and? guns
what was the best army? Golden Horde
who died to return to Mongolia? Ogedei
huge storms? Kamikaze
Important Mongols was who that started the empire? Genghis
Took china and called it? Yuan dynasty
small tribes and not being one big? country
Aristocrats hire military servants? Samurai
Agriculture based on what type of food? rice
used who for land systems? shinto
animistic means Animate
600s and united divine ruler? Yamamoto
Muslim of Christian territories? invasion
Middle east to the holy lands? religion
the what plague? Bubonic
transmitted from by traders? Middle east
Orthodox and Bible in Greek not? Latin
Lead to culture rebirth? Renaissance
science and technological is? mathematics
Muslims and Greek and romans do what? text
killed over how many Europe's pop? 1/2
brought by Mongols on what roads? silk
loss what in church? faith
Constantinople each other and caused rift? excommunicate
holy roman church and church? Eastern orthodox church
what was the song? Fleas on rats
transmitted by what? rodents or fleas
influences gained by eurpean interactions? with Muslims
only what could marry? priests
pope outlawed praying to icons? Iconoclasm
catholic is what? universal
what was the Great Scheim? before 1054 holy roman church