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prehistory to 1500


what does Neolithic mean? new stone
what does paleolithic mean old stone
what does austrolopithicines mean southern ape
what were the austrolopithicines also called lucy
what are modern humans called homo sapien sapiens
where did homo sapien sapiens originate africa
if the men hunted, what did women do? gather
what land bridge did the prehistoric humans cross to get to food bearing straight
what is considered the most important event in history neliolithic revoluthin
what were the three ideas the came about during the neliolithic revolution? cities, religion, and metal tools
name three things that a civilization consist of food surplus and advanced technology
how are we all African Americans we all originate in Africa
what were the tools people used in the neliolithic revolution made of stone/metal
when your food and security are taken care of, your culture will what flourish
what was considered the first civilization Mesopotamia
what does Mesopotamia stand for between the rivers
what are the two rivers that Mesopotamia is settled between Tigris and Euphrates
what modern country is Mesopotamia Iraq
how did the Mesopotamians gather water irrigation
Mesopotamia was the "birthplace" of what civilization
why are rivers where early civilizations start land is fertile with nutrients
who was Hammurabi first king of Babylon
what was the code by which Hammurabi ran his empire the Code of Hammurabi
what concept does the code suggest eye for an eye
what area did the Babylonian empire cover most of Mesopotamia
how was the code of Hammurabi corrupted higher class didn't get as bad of a punishment as the lower class
where did ancient Egypt settle Nile Delta
what form of writing did Hammurabi develop cuneiform
what type of writing did ancient Egyptians use hieroglyphics
what direction does the Nile river flow north
what is ancient Egypt's social structure pyramid
what is Harappa ancient India
what river was Harappa built on Indus
Harappa is modern day what Pakistan
where did the Aryans travel from Europe
what social structure did the Aryans bring to Harappa Caste system
what is an untouchable someone who is below the caste system
what is Mesoamerica central America and Mexico
what were the tribes of Mesoamerica Olmec, Inca Aztecs, Maya
what were the silk roads trade routes for India's empires
what did the Indians trade on the silk roads silk, jewelry and spices
what other things were traded on the silk roads culture and religion
what places were included in the trade routs Europe, Africa, china, and India
what was the first Chinese dynasty Shang
what was the Shang dynasties form of writing oracle bones
what did the Zhou dynasty develop the mandate of heaven
what was the qin dynasty known for building the great wall of china
ancient Greece was what instead of one single country city states
what famous pieces of literature is homer know for the odyssey and the Iliad
Athens is know as the source of what western culture
what did Athens create drama
Sparta was all about what war
Athens was all about what democracy
Athens lost to whom in the Peloponnesian war Sparta
who conquered most of the Mediterranean by the age of 20 alexander the great
alexander the great started the Hellenistic age, also known as what Golden age
what did philosophers want to explain without saying the gods did it nature
who was the philosopher who became a martyr by committing suicide Socrates
who was Plato Socrates' apprentice
The roman empire started off as a monarch, then became what a republic
what were the patricians upper class
what were the plebians lower class
what were the 12 tablets the first set of roman laws
who resisted the romans in Israel Jews
where was Jesus born Nazareth
where is Mali west Africa
what valuable mineral was sold out of Mali salt
what is the capital of Mali Timbuktu
where did Mansa Musa go when he became a Muslim Mecca
when Mansa Musa traveled to Mecca, what did he take tons of with him gold
the Mongols had the largest what ever land empire
Mongols were best with guns and what horses
what conquered Russia for Mongolia Golden Horde
who died that made the Mongols return to Mongolia Ogedei
what was the huge storms that keep the Mongols out of japan Kamikaze
who started the Mongol empire Genghis Kahn
aristocrats hire who as military servants samurai
what is Japanese religion called Shinto
what did Japanese people worship kami
what caused the crusades Muslims invading Christian territories
knights get what for kill count or death in battle pennance
pope urban sent knights on holy crusade to reclaim what holy lands
what lead to the renaissance crusaders bringing back ancient texts of Socrates and Plato
what does renaissance stand for cultural rebirth
what was the great schism eastern orthodox church split from catholic
where did bubonic plague originate from middle east
plague killed how much of Europe's population over 1/2
who brought the plague to europe mongols
how was the disease transmitted rodents, fleas, etc.
what did the plague cause in churches loss of faith
what is another affect of the plague mass burials
plague caused a decline in what church power
what was rumored to exist during the time of the plague vampires
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