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Prehistory to 1500


What does Neolithic mean? New stone
What does Paleolithic mean/ Old stone
What place does DNA say we are from? Africa
Where is the "birthplace of civilization"? Mesopotamia
Where did Homo sapiens sapiens originate from? Africa
What was most needed in the Neolithic Age? Food and security
Men hunted..? Woman gathered
What is race determined by? Climate
We are all descendants from who? Lucy
What does the word Mesopotamia mean? Middle Rivers
Mesopotamia is modern day which country? Iraq
What are 3 things all civilizations should have? 1.) Food surplus 2.) Skilled workers 3.) Advanced cities
What does Nomads do? Move from place to place
What are modern humans called? Homosapiens
Mesopotamia is between what two rivers? Tigris and Euphrates
What does Australopithecines mean? First upright (first people)
What is irrigation? Moving water
Rivers make land nearby______with_____? fertile,minerals
Tools were made of what? Metal
Babylonian was centralized what? Bureaucracy
Code of Hammurabi was ___ for ___? eye,eye
True or false. The Nile River flows north? True
The high class people in Europe got more or less punishment? Less
What was the name of the stone that the hieroglyphics were found on? Rosetta Stone.
About how long is the Nile River? 4,000 Miles
The social structure for Egypt was like a _____? Pyramid
At the top of the pyramid was the? Pharaoh
which was higher on the Social Structure pyramid, the doctor or soldiers? Doctors
Put these in the correct order that the were ranked. 1.)warriors 2.) workers 3.) priests 1.) Priests 2.) Warriors 3.) Workers
Caste=? Social level
The people outside the Caste system were called? 'Untouchables'
Meso America is also known as? Central America
What year and what country were the Olmec people around? 1200 BCE-Mexico
What year and what country were the Maya people around? 300-900 CE-Mexico
What year and what country were the Aztec people around? 1100sCE-Mexico
What year and what country were the Inca people around? 1400s CE-Peru
How any different languages were on the Rosetta Stone? 3
Did most civilizations have the am or different system to live by? Different
Untouchables should not be ____, or spoken to? touched
European Nomads controlled the ____? Natives
What two things made Central America have bad geography? Mountains and Deserts
What des Harappa mean? Ancient Indian
Natives were also called? Dravidians
The untouchables were considered to be __-human? sub-human
What country is the Indus river located? Asia
European Nomads brought ____ systems? Caste
Which animal I considered stupid? Llama
What were the two poems Homer wrote called? Iliad and Odyssey
What kept the Nomads out of China? The Great Wall of China
Sparta was all about what? War
Athens was all about? Democracy
In a direct democracy who all votes? Everyone
What did Alexander the Great conquer most of? The Mediterranean
At what age did Alexander the Great conquer he Mediterranean? 20
Which Chinese dynasty was first? Shang
What were Oracle Bones? Questions carved
Alexander the Great started the ____(golden) age? Hellenistic
Men of Sparta were in the military until what age? 60
What war did Athens lose to Sparta? Peloponnesian
True or false. the Greeks invented drama? True
Suicide instead of trial for corrupting youth was what method? Socratic
What does B.C stand for? Before Christ
What does A.D stand for? Anno Domini (in the year of our lord Jesus)
What does B.C.E stand for? Before common era
What does C.E stand for? Common Era
Who taught Aristotle? Plato
Who taught Alexander the Great? Aristotle
What does demo in democracy stand for? People
What does cracy in democracy stand for? Ruled by
What were the first set of Roman laws called? 12 tables
Upper class were called? Patricians
Lower class were called? Plebeians
Romans had the right to defend themselves in___? Court
In Rome, who made laws? Senate (Patricians)
Romans were ruled by kings, then who? Republic
True or false. The Mongols had the largest empire ever? True
Mongols military was considered what? Unstoppable
Where is Mali located? West Africa
In the beginning Japan had small tribes not one big_____? Country
Japan used what kind of system? Feudal Land System
Who did the Japanese worship? Kami (spirits of ancestors)
What was the Golden Horde and where did the conquer? (best army) and Russia
Animate means? Give life
Daimyo means? rich family
Patri in the word Patricians means? Father
In European feudalism, who had the highest power. The king or lord? king
Did Jesus have a last name? No
Name two important mongols. Ogedi Kahn and Kublai Khan
Where did Ogedi Kahn die? Poland
Who was Kublai Khans dad? Ogedi Kahn
Crusaders brought back texts such as? Plato and Aristotle
Muslims preserved texts from ____ and ______? Greek and Roman
Why did Pope Urban II send nights on holy crusades to the Middle East? To reclaim the Holy Land
What does Pope or (papa) stand for? Father
Only ______ priests could marry? Orthodox
What was the name of the plague that happened in Europe? Black
What was another name for the black plague? Bubonic
Where was the black plague transmitted from? The Middle East by traders
How many people did it kill? 1/2 of Europe's population
What was the Black plague transmitted from? Rodents, fleas and bacteria
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