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prehistory to 1500

hey chayse

what does Neolithic mean? new stone
what does paleolithic mean? old stone
what does australopithecines mean? southern ape
homo sapiens were around 120,000 years ago
homo sapiens sapiens 30,000 BCE-modern humans
homo sapiens sapiens crossed the bearing straight in? 25,000 BCE
homo erectus left where? Africa
homo sapiens sapiens originated from Africa
nomadic means? follow food, no home
men did the hunting
women did the gathering
Neolithic age was from 8,000-5,000 BCE
Mesopotamia means? birthplace of civilization
DNA proves we are all from where? Africa
race is determined by what? climate
what is civilization? food surplus advanced cities and advanced tech.
what does Mesopotamia mean? middle of rivers
irrigation means? moving water
when was lucy found 3-5 mil years ago
where was lucy found Africa
why are rivers where early civs start? rivers make land nearby fertile with minerals
who was Hammurabi? king of Babylon
ancient egypt begins? 3100 BCE
where did ancient egypt happen nile delta
what is harappa also known as? ancient india
what is the caste system? ranking system
who was at the top of the caste system? priests
what were untouchables? very poor people like ghosts that no-one was aloud to talk to or even look at
meso america was mexico/central america
olmec was when? 1200 BCE
maya? 300-900CE
aztecs 1100s CE
inca 1400s CE
no beasts of what? burden (pack animals)
ancient egypt wrote what? hieroglyphics
social structure= pyramid
if you was high class you had less what? punishment
the code of hammurabi said what? eye for an eye
nile flows north how many miles 4,000
what was in the rosetta stone? ancient egypt laws
what was the silk roads? trade routes for indias empires
what was the first chinese dynasty shang
what are oracle bones? bones with questions carved into them
zhou dynasty was what? mandate of heaven
qin dynasty made what? great wall
what land did alex the great conquer most of by the age of 20? mediterranean
he also started the hellenistic also known as? the golden age
athens was all about what? democracy
homer wrote what? odyssey
athens was what? source of western culture
philosophers rational thought
Sparta was all about war
Sparta made all in in the military until the age of 60
Sparta had two kings
Alex the great also spread Greek empire furthest
what does S.P.A.A. stand for? Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexandria
Sparta and Athens are like what? brothers
Alexander the great does what? unifies Greece
at the silk roads they trade luxury items
they also trade religion and culture
the mongols the the largest land empire ever
the Romans were ruled by kings then republic
Jesus of Nazareth was born 1CE-ish
after Jesus died what developed? branch of Judaism
the mongols were best with guns and horses
the mongols also had an unstoppable military
petricians mean? rich
plebians means? poor
golden horde was? the best army
japanese had small tribes
was the the japanese a country? no
what leader for the mongols die? ogedei
how did he the mongol leader die? a flying stray arrow
what did the mongols have to do when their leader died return to mongolia
another word for huge storms or divine winds kamikaze
when did the yamamato unite? 600s
when was there a civil war 800s
japanese made what kind of rice agricultural based
japanese used what type of land system futal
japanese trusted that there was spirits in everything also a religion called animistic
what does schism mean? split
muslims invaded who? christian territory
knights got what for a kill count? penance
why did pope urban the second send knights on holy crusade to the middle east reclaim holy lands
muslims preserved greek and roman texts
crusaders brought back texts such as plato and aristotle
what is renaissance cultural rebirth
when did the great schism happen? 1054
what churches are in greece and turkey? holy roman church and eastern orthodox
what is another name for the black plague bubonic plague
the black plague transmitted from where? middle east
the black plague killed how many of europes population? 1/2
the black plague brought mongols where? silk roads
orthodox bilbles are in greek not latin
only orthodox preists could marry
catholic means universal
what caused rift exists today? excommunication
what was in the black plague? fleas,rats,bacteria
loss of faith caused what suspicions vampires
loss of faith also caused mass burials
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