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Pre History to 1500


What does Neolithic mean? New stone
What does Paleolithic mean? old stone
What does australopithecine mean? southern ape
what is australopithecine nickname? Lucy
What continent was Lucy found on? Africa
Where was the birthplace if civilization? Mesopotamia
What is a nomadic? someone with no home and follows food.
Mesopotamia is where in our modern day? Iraq
Mesopotamia is in between which two rivers? Tigris and Euphrates
Irrigation is what? the moving of water.
What is one of the most important events in history? The Neolithic Revolution
When did homo sapiens cross the bearing strait? 25000 BCE
How is race determined? Climate
What species left Africa? Homo Erectus
Where did homo sapiens sapiens originate? Africa
How many years ago were their homo sapiens? 120000
When did the Neolithic Age take place? 8000-5000 BCE
When people began to settle they had time to do what? Think
When was the first up right hominids? 3-4 million years ago
What is some things in a civilization? Food Surplus skilled workers complex institutions
Why are rivers where early civs start? They make nearby land fertile with minerals.
What is another name for ancient India? Harappa
Who said eye for an eye? Hammurabi
Ancient India is where in modern day? Pakistan
Where did Egypt begin? Nile Delta
Where is Mesoamerica? Central America
When was Olmec around? 1200 BCE
When was Maya around? 300-900 CE
When was Aztec around? 1100s CE
When was Inca around? 1400s CE
Why did America start later? It was inhabited later
Egyptian writings are called what? Hieroglyphics
Which way does he Nile flow and how far? North and 4000 miles
What is rigid social hierarchy? A ranking system
Who was outside the Caste System? Untouchables
What is the Rosetta Stone? A tablet that had hieroglyphics translated in 3 different ways or languages
Why is the Rosetta Stone important? Without it we wouldn't have been able to read hieroglyphics
What does Beast of Burden mean? Animals that you make work for you
When was the Rosetta Stone found? 1799
What was some of the first known laws in the world? The Code of Hammurabi
What did India's empires use for trade? The Silk Roads
What was transported on the Silk Roads? Luxury Items
What was the first Chinese dynasty? Shang Dynasty
What was used in the Shang Dynasty? Oracle Bones
What was important in the Zhou Dynasty? The Mandate of Heavan
What was built in the Qin Dynasty? The Great Wall of China
What is the only man made thing you can see from space? The Great Wall of China
Who wrote the Odyssey and laid? Homer
Where did western culture come from? Athens
What were the two main cities in Greece? Athens and Sparta
Who was all about war? Sparta
Who was all about democracy? Athens
Who won the Peloponnesian war? Sparta
How long was a man in Sparta in the military? Until he turned 60
Who conquered most of the Mediterranean? Alexander the Great
What did Alexander the Great start? The Hellenistic Age
What's another name for the Hellenistic Age? The Golden Age
How wanted to explain nature without saying the Gods did it? Philosophers
Which philosopher was a martyr? Socrates
Who did Socrates teach? Plato
Who did Plato teach? Aristotle
Who did Aristotle teach? Alexander the Great
Who was ruled by kings then republic? Romans
Who are the Patricians? The upper class- land owners
Who are the Plebeians? The lower class- poor, peasants
When was Jesus born? 1 CEish
What is the capital of Mali? Timbuktu
Who doubled the size of Mali? Mansa Musa
Who brought tons of gold to Mecca? Mansa Musa
Who had the largest land empire? The Mongols
Who was the best army? The Golden Horde
What did Genghis Kahn do? Started and spread the Mongols empire
Why didn't the Mongols take over Europe? Ogedei died
How did Ogedei die? Shot in the neck with an arrow
Yuan dynasty took place when who took over china? Kublai Kahn
What happened in 600"s in Japan? Yamamoto united
What happened in 800"s in Japan? Civil War
What was the main crop in Japan? Rice
What is the religion in Japan? Shinto
What does Animalistic mean? Spirits in all things
Why did the Crusades happen? Muslims invaded Christian territory
What did knights get for kill count in the Crusades? Penance
Why did Pope Urban ll send knights to the middle east? To reclaim the Holy Lands
What did Muslims preserve? Greek and Roman text
What is another word for cultural rebirth? The renaissance
What is the Great Schism? The split of the church
What killed thousands in Europe? The Bubonic Plague
How many did the Plague kill? Over half of Europe's pop.
How was it transmitted by the Mongols? Through the Silk Roads
How was the Plague spread in Europe? By rats, fleas, and bacteria
What did the Plague lead too in Europe? A loss in faith
What was a result in the loss of faith? Decline in church power
Crusaders brought bask text such as... Plato and Aristotle
What was the Crusades? A war
Who was the Crusades between? Muslims and Christians
How was the Black Plague transmitted from the middle east? By traders
What is a positive outcome to the Black Plague? An advancement in the medical field
What is iconoclasm? The pope outlawed praying to icons
What is another name for The Bubonic Plague? The Black Plague
Where did the Black Plague take place? Europe
Created by: 1415calebkirby