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Prehistory to 1500


what does Neolithic mean? new stone
what does Paleolithic mean? old stone
what does austrolapithacine mean? southern ape
what is the austrolapithacine's nickname? Lucy
where was "Lucy" found? Africa
what're we considered as humans? Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Where can all humans trace their heritage too? Africa
What do you call a person the travels because of food? Nomad
When was the Neolithic Age? 8,000 to 5,000 BCE
What was the most important event in History? The Neolithic Age
What came out of the Neolithic age? Agriculture, Religion, and Metal Tools.
What is a civilization? Food surplus Advanced Cities Advanced technology Skilled Workers Complex Institutions- Government, Religion. System of writing
What does Mesopotamia mean? In the middle of rivers.
Where is Mesopotamia located? Between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Where is modern day Mesopotamia? Iraq
With a sense of safety, what did this give people the time to do? Think
What determines race? Climate. The closer to the equator the darker the skin.
What is evolution? The belief that people evolved from lesser creatures.
How are we all African American? We can trace our history to Africa.
How are we all Native Americans? We all were born here in the USA.
Why are rivers where early civs start? The land is fertile with minerals.
What is Bureaucracy? "Department" of early civilization.
Who is Hamurabi? The first king of Babylon
What was the code of laws set in place named after Hamurabi? Hamurabi's Code
What is Cuneiform? Early Mesopotamian writing (wedge form).
What is a saying that summarizes the Code of Hamurabi? "An eye for an eye."
What was the Social Hierarchy structure in Egypt? A pyramid.
In what direction does the Nile flow? North
What was Harappa? Ancient India
What is modern day Harappa? Pakistan
What is the Caste System? A rigid social hierarchy
What was the first civilization to build cities using a grid system? Harappa
What is a beast of burden? Animals that can be used to work.
Why was Meso America inhabited later? *Bad geography *No beasts of burden
1200 BCE- Mexico Olmec
300-900 CE- Mexico Maya
1100s CE- Mexico Aztec
1400s CE- Peru Inca
What Kind of writing did the ancient Egyptians use? Hieroglyphics
Who took over ancient India? The Syrians
What is the Silk Road? Several roads that allowed trade through the east.
What is a caravan? A large group of travelers.
What kind of items were traded on the Silk Road? Luxury items
What were the two most important exchanges on the silk road? Religion & Culture
What important object did the Shang Dynasty give us? Oracle bones
What important object did the Zhou Dynasty give us? The mandate of Heaven (Rulers ruled until the Gods thought their reign should come to an end).
What important object did the Qin Dynasty give us? The Great Wall of China
Why was The Great Wall built? To keep nomads out.
What is the only man made object you can see from space? The Great Wall of China
Greece was made up of what? Many small city states, not one whole country.
What did Homer write? The Iliad and The Odyssey
What were two main City States in Greece? Sparta and Athens
What was Sparta all about? War
What was Athens all about? Democracy
What did Alexander the Great do? Unify Greece and conquer most of the Mediterranean
What age did this spread of Greece start? Hellenistic (Golden) Age
What is a direct democracy? The people vote on everything.
What is Democracy? Governed by the people.
What War did Athens and Sparta Fight in? The Peloponnesian War
What is Philosophy? Rational Though.
Who were the great Philosophers? Socrates Plato Aristotle Alexander the Great
Where did the USA get there government? Ancient Rome.
What was Rome's Government? A replublic.
What were the upper class Romans called? Patricians
What were the lower class Romans called? Plebeians
What was the first set of Roman Laws? 12 Tables
What is a republic? The people elect representatives in the government.
What religion was Jesus? Jewish
What were the two main exports from Mali? Salt and Gold
What is the capital of Mali? Timbuktu
Who was Mansa Musa? A man that doubled the size of Mali and became a Muslim.
What did the Mongols do? Took over almost all of the East
What did the Mongols have? The Largest Military.
What was the Mongols Army's Name? The Golden Horde
Why didn't the Mongols take over Japan? Kamikazes (Divined Winds)
What made the Mongols land so unique? They had the largest land empire ever.
Who was the first Mongol King? Genghis Khan
Where did Ogedi die? Poland
What did Kublai Khan do? Took over China, called it the Yuan dynasty.
Who first started fighting using biological warfare? The Mongols.
What land system did Japan use? The Feudal System
What kind of Religion did Japan have? Shinto (animated).
What were the crusades? Religious wars between Christians and Muslims.
What did the Muslims do that preserved some history? They saved books (instead of burning them).
What kind of texts did the Muslims Preserve? Roman and Greek
What kind of texts did the Christian Crusaders bring back? Socrates and Plato
What did the Crusades lead to? The Renaissance
What did the Renaissance bring? Advancements in Science, technology, mathematics, and banking.
What's a Schism? A split
What two Churches separated? The Roman Catholic and The Eastern Orthodox.
What language was the Orthodox Bible in? Greek not Latin.
What is Iconoclasm? The worship of idols.
What does Catholic mean? The one and only.
What caused the Bubonic plague? Infected fleas on rats, brought by traders from the Middle East.
How many people did the Bubonic Plague kill? Over 2/3 of the European population.
What did The Bubonic Plague cause? A loss in faith.
What did the loss in faith cause? Caused a loss of power in the church.
What happened between the Popes of both the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches? They Excommunicated each other.
What was fought over during the Crusades? The "Holy" Lands.
How was the Bubonic Plague spread? From human to human Interaction.
Who brought the Bubonic Plague? The Mongols
What advancement did the Bubonic Plague bring? Advancements in Medication.
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