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Prehistory to 1500

What does Neolithic mean? New Stone
What does Paleolithic mean? Old Stone
What does Australopithecines mean? (Southern Ape) First Upright Hominids
How long ago was the First hominid found? 3-4 Million Years Ago
What was the first homo sapien called? Lucy
When were homo sapiens around? 120,000 years ago
What are homo sapiens sapiens? Modern Humans
When did the homo sapiens sapiens cross the bearing strait? 25,000 years ago
Where did homo sapiens sapiens originate? Africa
Home erectus left... Africa
What does nomadic mean? No home
The nomadic men... Hunted
The nomadic women... Gathered
What is the "birthplace of civilization"? Mesopotamia
Where is Mesopotamia located? Between the Tigris and Euphrates
What is Mesopotamia known as today? Iraq
What is irrigation? Moving water
When did the Neolithic age take place? 8000 BCE - 5000 BCE
What is the most important event in history? The Neolithic Revolution (Agriculture)
What is civilization? Food Surplus, Advanced Cities, Advanced technology, Skilled Workers, Complex Institutions-Government and Religion, System of Writing/Record Keeping
Why are rivers where early civilizations start? River makes land nearby fertile with nutrients
When did Hammurabi reign? 1700's BCE
What empire did Hammurabi reign over? Babylonian
Where was the Babylonian empire located? Most of Mesopotamia
What was the code of Hammurabi? Eye for Eye
The high class faced less... Punishment
When does Ancient Egypt begin? 3100 BCE
Where does Ancient Egypt begin? Nile Delta
What type of writing did the Ancient Egyptians use? Hieroglyphics
The Nile flows... North 4000 miles
The social structure of Ancient Egypt is... Pyramids
Where is Harappa located? Ancient India
When was the Indus River found? 3000 BCE
What is Harappa known as today? Pakistan
What were the Aryans? European Nomads
What did the Aryans do? They migrated there, brought caste system, and controlled Natives
What is the Caste System? Rigid Social hierarchy
What is the order of the caste system? 1. Priest 2. Warriors 3. Workers
What are the people called that are "Outside of the Caste System? Untouchables
What are the untouchables considered? Sub-Human
The untouchables should not be... Touched or Spoken to
Olmec (Old America) originated... 1200 BCE- Mexico
Maya originated... 300-900 CE- Mexico
Azlec originated... 1100's CE- Mexico
Inca originated... 1400's CE- Peru
No beasts of burden (pack animals) except the stupid... Llama
What is the Silk road? Trade routes for India's empires
What are Camel Caravans? Camels carrying supplies to and from places
Where did camel caravans travel on the Silk Road? From China to India, Africa, and Europe
What was transported on the Silk Road? Luxury items like Silk, Foreign things
On the Silk Road, other things were transported as well, such as... Religion and Culture
What was the 1st Chinese Dynasty? Shang Dynasty
What dynasty was the Mandate of Heaven -(can keep ruling if fair) Zhou Dynasty
Which dynasty created the Great Wall to keep out nomads? Qin Dynasty
How many dynasties were there? 13
What were these dynasties? Shang, Zouh, Qin, Han, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing, Republic, Mao Zedong, De
Sparta was all about... War
How long did men stay in military? Until age 60
How many kings did Sparta have? Two
Athens was all about... Democracy Demo-people Cracy-ruled by
Athens was ran by a _____ Democracy. Direct Democracy (all vote)
Athens unified ______ Greece
Who conquered most of Greece by age 20? Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great spread _____ _____ the furthest. Greek empire
Alexander started the _________ Hellenistic (Golden) Age
Philosophers thought ________ thoughts Rational
The philosophers wanted to explain nature without saying ___________ "The Gods did it"
Who came up with the Socratic Method? Socrates
What did Socrates do? Committed Suicide instead of trial for corrupting youth
What are some philosophers? Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great
Who were the Romans ran by? Ruled by kings, then Republic
Who elect and make laws in Rome? People
Patricians are the... Upper Class and land owners
Plebians are the... Lower Class and poor peasants
The Senate made... Laws (Patricians)
What were the 12 tables? First set of Roman Laws
What were two laws the Romans had? 1. Innocent until proven guilty 2. Right to defend self in court
The Jews in Israel resisted _______ Romans
Jesus of Nazareth was born... 1 CE
Group of Jews proclaim that Jesus is the ________ Messiah
After Jesus' death in 33 CE, branch of Judaism developed into ________ Christianity
Where is Mali located? West Africa
What kind of trading is found in Mali? Gold and Salt
The capitol of Mali is _______ Timbuktu
Mansa Musa ________ the size of Mali Doubled
The Malians went to _______, as Muslim Mecca
They literally brought tons of ______ Gold
Who has the largest land empire ever? The Mongols
The _______ Military is unstoppable Mongol
The Mongols were the best with ____ and _______ Guns and horses
The _______ ________ conquered Russia Golden Horde (Best Army)
The reason the Mongols didn't take over Europe is because... The leader Ogedei died and they returned to Mongolia
Why didn't the Mongols take over Japan? Huge Storms. (Kamikaze) (divine winds) stop Mongols
Genghis Kahn... Started and Spread Mongolian Empire
Ogedei... Died in Poland
Kublai Kahn Took China and called it Yuan Dynasty
The Japanese is made up of small________ not one big country Tribes
In the 600's, ________ unites, divine ruler Yamamoto
In the 800's, the _________ began Civil War
In Japan, Aristocrats hire _______ military servants. Samurai
What is the Samurai code? Bushido
Japan was _______ based Agricultural
Japan used _______ land systems. Feudal
The religion of Japan was _________ Shinto
Japanese worshipped ________ Kami (spirits of ancestors)
What were the motives for the crusades?" 1. Muslim invasion of "Christian" territories. 2. Knights get penance for kill count or dying on a crusade
Who sent knights on holy crusade to Middle East to reclaim the Holy Lands? Pope Urban II
Muslims preserved _______ and ________ texts. Greek, Roman
Crusaders brought back texts such as ________ and _______ Plato, Aristotle
What is the Renaissance? The cultural rebirth. (Science, technological advancements, mathematical advancement, banking)
What is the Great Schism? Great Split
Who split during the Great Schism? The Holy Roman Church and Eastern Orthodox
When did the Great Schism happen? 1054
What were some differences that led to split? 1. Only orthodox priest could marry 2. Orthodox Bibles in Greek, not Latin 3. Iconoclasm- Pope outlawed praying to icons(pictures), and it angered the Eastern Orthodox
Pope and Patriarch of Constantinople __________ each other, caused rift, exists today. Excommunicated
What was the Black Plague also referred as? Bubonic Plague
Where was the Bubonic Plague transmitted from? Middle East
What transmitted the Bubonic Plague? Traders, Rodents, Fleas, Bacteria
How much of Europe's pop. did the Bubonic Plague kill? Half (1/2)
Brought by Mongols on the _______ ________ Silk Road
Loss of ______ in church to protect people. Faith
The loss of Faith in Church to protect people led to... 1. Decline in Church Power 2. Mass burials 3. Vampire rumors 4. Medical advancements