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Phleb #7

Phleb Definition Test 7

Thrombocytes Mature Platelets
Thrombophlebitis A blood clot forming in the inflamed portion of a vein
Toxin A poisonous substance created by certain organisms
Transfixation The act or piercing through an object with a pointed instrument (Venipuncture)
Transmission A route to spread infection from one point to anothre
Urinalysis The examination and analysis of urine
Urinary Pertaining to the containing and secreting of urine
Urology Study of the genital tract of men and the urinary tract of both men and women
Vascular Pertaining either to blood vessels or composed of blood vessels
Vasoconstrictor Drawing together or closing of veins, causes blood vessels to constrict
Vasodilator Expansion of veins, causes blood vessels to dilate
Vein blood vessel whch carries oxygen- poor blood to the heart except the pulmonary vein
Venipuncture Act of puncturing a vein / cutting a vein
Venous Blood Oxygen depleted blood obtained from a vein
Venous Return The amount of blood returning to the right atrium of the heart
Ventricle A small cavity, such as a one of the two small lower chamber of the heart
Viable Has the ability to live, living
Virology Study of viruses and viral diseases
Virulence The capacity of a microorganism to cause disease
Whole Blood Blood containing plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets
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