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Phleb #5

Phleb Definition Test 5

Lumen The inner cavity of blood vessels and arteries through which blood flows
Lysis The state in which there is a gradual decline of fever, disease or cells, breaking up
Median Cubital vein The center vein at the elbow FIRST choice of venipuncture
Megalocardia Hypertrophy of the heart
Metacarpal veins Veins of the hands
Metatarsal Veins Veins of the feet
Microbe A minute living organism
Microbiology Study of micoorganisms
Milliliter The measure equal to 1/1000 liter, or 1.0000 cubic centimeters
Morphology Study of cell descriptions and form
Myocardial Infarcation A blockage of blood to the muscular tissue of the heart, a heart attack
Myocarditis Inflammation of the heart
Myelosuppressive The inhibiting of the bone marrow activity, effectively decreasing the production of blood cells and platelets Note: a careful monitoring of prolonged bleeding following a venipuncture is recommended
Neonatal Care concerned with first 6 weeks after birth of a child
Nephritis Pertaining to kidney inflammation
Nephrology Study of the kidneys
Neurology Study of the nervous system
Nosocomial Infection acquired after admissioin to a healthcare facility
Obstetrics Management of a woman during a preganancy and after the birth
Occult Blood Minute quantities of blood which can be seen with a microscope
Oncology Study of tumors
Opthalmology Study of the eye
Orthopedics The preservation, restoration and function of the skeletal system
Otitis An inflamation of any part of the ear
Palpate To feel for a vein. To examine by touching.
Palpitate An abnormally rapid fluttering of the heart
Pancreas An endocrine gland which is responsible ofr the production of insulin
Parasitology Study of parasites
Patency The state of being freely open. A vein is patent is it still retains its elesticity and has no blockage from scarring or bruising
Pathogenic Capable of producing a disease
Created by: mjargrandma