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Phleb #3

Phleb Definitions test 3

Empathy Having an objective awaremness of another person's feelings
Emphysema A lung disease marked by the loss of electicity and thinning of the lung tissue
Encephalitis An inflammation of the brain
Endocarditis Inflammation of the lining of the heart
Endocrinology The study of chemical secreting glands and their functions
Endogenous Growing, developing or originating from within\
Endothelium Layer of epithelial cells which lines the blood, heart, and lymph vessel cavities
Enteric Pertaining to the small intestines
Epithelium Cellular components of the skin and mucus membranes
Exogenous Originates outside of an organ or body part
Exudate Fluid accummulating in cavities, penetrating through vessel walls into adjoining tissue
Febrile Fever or fever like symptoms
Femoral An artery or vein located in the groin
Fibrin A protein in the blood and tissues which interacts with other coagulation factors to form a clot
Fistula Permanent surgical attachment of a vein to an artery to change the flow of blood, used for dialysis only not obtaining blood for lab testing
Frothing Bubbles caused by improper venipuncture
Gastritis An inflammation of the stomach
Gasterenterology Study of the digestive system
Gastrointestinal Pertaining to the stomach and intestines
Gauge An instrument which measures the size of the needle
Geriatrics The study of aging and the problems of the elderly
Geontology Study of geriatrics
Glucose A sugar (dextrose) formed in the body during the metabolic process
Gram Stain Staining of bacteria for identification purposes
Great Sapenous The longest vein in the leg
Gynecology The study of female genital organs
Hematocrit The percentage of erythocytes in the whole blood by volume
Hematoloty Study of blood and tissues that form blood
Hematoma A localized collection of blood, caused by a break in the wall of the blood vessel
Hemoconcentration Concentration or accumulation of large analytes in the blood, increase in concentration of red blood cells caused by decrease in plasma volume
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