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Phleb # 2

Phleb Definitions test 2

Blood Culture Blood test to determine the presence of bacterial organisms
Brachial Artery Artery lying beneath the basilic vein in the arm
Buffy Coat The thin layer of WBCs and platelets which forms between the liquid and RBC layer in a tube
Capillary Smallest blood vessels; link arteriols and venules; where exchange of gases occurs
Carcinoma A cancerous growth or malignant tumor occurring in epithelial tissue
Cardiology Study of the heart
Cardiovascular Pertains to the heart and blood vessels
Carotid Major artery in the neck leading to the brain
Carrier Person who spreads infectoin to others, but shows no symptoms
Central Venous Pressure The pressure of the blood returning to the right atrium through the superior vena cava
Centrifuge High speed machine that spins blood tubes to sepaarate the cellular and liquid parts of the blood
Cephalgia A Pain located int he head, headache
Cephalic Vein Vein located on thumb side or outmost side or arm
Chemotherapy The use of chemical agents in the treatment of disease
Clot Coagulated Blood
Coagulate To change fluid to a solid or semi-solid state
Coccus Sperical or ovoid bacteria
Collateral A larger blood vessel or nerve, accompanied along side by a smaller branch
Communicable Capable of being transferred, either directly or indirectly, from one person to another
Coumadin A blood thinning agent, monitored by prothrombin times (PT)
Cyanosis A state in which abnormal amounts of poorly oxygentated blood hemoglobin cause the skin to appear bluish, grayish, or purple
Cyte A suffix means "cells" as in lymphocyte
Dermal Subcutaneous Junction Major vascular area of skin, in neonates only 0.35 to 1.6 mm from the skin's surface
Dialysis The removal of chemical substances from the blood by passing it through tubes made of semi-permeable membranes. The tubes contain solutions that selectively remove unwanted material
Differential Marked by diversity or distinction, i.e. different types of white blood cells
Digoxin (Lanoxin) A drug used to treat cardiac disorders
Disinfect Use of chemical cleaners to destroy microorganisms or inanimate objects
Dyspnea Needing air, difficult or labored breathing
Edema An accummulation of fluids in tissues
Embolus Undissolved matter in the blood such as a blood clot
Created by: mjargrandma