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arthalgia joint pain
otalgia ear pain
myalgia muscle pain
neuralgia nerve pain
leukemia increase leukocytes, malignant (cancerous) cell
ischemia blood blockage
septicemia infection, pathogen enter blood thru wound
uremia urea in blood kidney failure
pneumonia inflamed lung liquid in air sac
cystitis urinary bladder inflam.
phlebitis vein inflam.
meningitis brain membrane inflam.
colitis large intestine inflam.
bursitis fluid sac near joint inflam.
cellulitis soft tissue under skin inflam.
endocarditis heart lining inflam.
myositis muscle inflam.
osteomyelitis bone / marrow infl.
peritonitis inflam.peritoneum, membrane abdemon
pharyngitis throat inflam
thrombophlebitis inflam.vein with clot
cardiomegaly heart enlargment
adenoma benign tumor
myoma benign, uterus- fibroids
adenocarcinoma malignant tumor skin lining
sarcoma cancerous tumor connective tissue
connective tissue muscle, bone, cartilage fibrous tissue, fat
myeloma malignant cells bone marrow
osteogenic sarcoma bone cancer
mesothelioma pleural cell tumor
nephrosis kidney abnormal condition
necrosis dead cell condition
nephropathy kidney disease condition
rhinorrhea flow/ discharge nose
menorrhea menstrual flow
hemorrhage excessive discharge of blood
menorrhagia excessive bleeding menstruation
arteriosclerosis fatty plaque in arteri
hematuria bleeding in urinary tract
laryngitis inflam. lyrynx loss of voice
triage performing the task
flatulence attended with, caused by, or suffering from such an accumulation of gas.
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