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Bible Final

Bible Final - Timeline

950 BCE Building of Solomon's Temple
922 BCE Division of the monarchy into Northern and Southern Kingdoms, beginning of the reign of Rehoboam in Judah
783 BCE Beginning of the reign of Uzziah
742 BCE Death of Uzziah and beginning of Isaiah's prophetic career
735 BCE Beginning of the reign of Ahaz and the Syro-Ephraimitic crisis
715 BCE Beginning of the reign of Hezekiah
701 BCE Sannacherib's invasion
700 BCE Beginning of the rise of the Babylonian Empire
687 BCE Death of Hezekiah, beginning of the reign of Manasseh in Judah
640 BCE Beginning of the reign of Josiah
625 BCE Beginning of Jeremiah's prophetic career
612 BCE Fall of Ninevah
609 BCE Death of Josiah
605 BCE Beginning of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon
597 BCE First deportation of Judahites in Babylon
586 BCE Destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians; second deportation
573 BCE End of Ezekiel's prophetic career
550 BCE Rise of the Persian Empire
539 BCE Cyrus II conquers Babylon
538 BCE Decree of Cyrus release Israelites to return to Jerusalem
522 BCE Beginning of the reign of Darius I in Persia
520 BCE Second return of Judahites to Judah
515 BCE Completion of the Second Temple
458 BCE One estimate of the return of Ezra to Jerusalem
445 BCE Beginning of Nehemiah's term as governor of Judah
332 BCE Alexander conquers Palestine and Greek influence floods from the region
323 BCE Alexander dies and Ptolemy controls Palestine
200 BCE Wisdom books and books of Psalms approach their final forms
198 BCE Antiochus III takes control of Palestine away from Ptolemy V
175 BCE Antiochus IV continues the Seleucid rule of Palestine
168 BCE Beginning of the Maccabean revolt
142 BCE Beginning of Jewish independent rule under the Hasmonean dynasty
63 BCE Romans conquer Jerusalem
66 CE Beginning of the Jewish war against Rome, Dead Sea Scroll were hidden
70 CE Destruction of Jerusalem
100 CE Closing of the Hebrew Canon
166 BCE Move toward Jewish independence under the Maccabeans
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