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Greece study guide

Chapter test study guide

Who used a question and answer form of teaching? Socrates
Who invented the water screw? Archimedes
The first Greeks lived where? Island of Crete
Someone who is a member of a town or state is called a citizen
Discoveries made during the Hellenistic Age. geometry, pulleys and screws, and understanding the human body
3 features of Hellenistic culture New cities built, Greek literature read, international trade
War strategies of the Spartans Destroyed homes and farms around Athens
Who were considered citizens of Athens? All men born in Athens
Name the 3 philosophers of Ancient Greece? Socrates, Plato, Aristotle
The Greek gods lived on Mt. Olympus
The geography of Greece includes mountains, peninsula, seas
The different Greek city-states had the same language, religion, myths
The FIRST Greek civilization was ruled by a King
The blend of Greek and Asian cultures is called Hellenistics
The Greeks excelled in Arts, architecture, philosophy
Famous Greek who wrote epic poems of adventure, war, gods and goddesses Homer
Did the shopping at the agora Greek men
Cause the decline of the Greek City-states War, destruction and the plague
Legacy Anything handed down from the past
What was the legacy of architecture of the Greeks? Columns
Created by: asettlemire