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bib. lit. exam 1

What is the Bible ? writings that are regarded as authoritative in a religious community . also called "cannon" for that group.
TaNaK The Hebrew Bible which consists of 24 books split into three divisions
the three books of the Hebrew Bible Torah (law) , Nevi'im(prophets) , and Ketuvim (writtings)
Apocrypha Additional books from the Hebrew Bible that are found in the orthodox and Roman Catholic tradition
books of the Apocrypha Tobit , Judith , additions to Ester , Wisdom . Sicrah , Baruch ,estrdas ,Letter to Jeremiah , etc
Pentateuch the first five books of the Bible . Genesis , Exodus , Leviticus , Numbers ,and Deuteronomy
Biblical Criticism to study the Bible as carefully , analytically , and objectively as possible. Asking the who , what , where , when , (the then)
Textual Criticism the study of various manuscripts in order to make sure that they are as close as possible to the original.
Goals of textual criticism 1. establish the text 2. translate the text
unpointed text text without vowels
pointed text text with vowels
Source criticism study of the sources that underlie a particular text
stock stories stories with the same plot ; developed the idea of having many
Documentary Hypothesis J(yahwehist) , Elohist , Deuteronomic , Priestly
Form Criticism study of the various forms of communications found in the Bible
Genesis is seen as a... saga
genres of form criticism Sitz im Levon (setting in life) and case law
Redaction Criticism similar to an editor , looks at the big picture of the text
cannonical criticism concerned with the final form of text , as found in the canon
Archaeology study of the material remains of a culture for the purposes of figuring out how ancient people lived.
Septuagint Greek translation of Jewish scripture
Vulgate Latin translation of the Bible
Behistun Stone Daruis I craved his military victories on a mountain in Persia .
Rosetta Stone a black granite stone with three languages on it ; two of which were Egyptian
Dead Sea scrolls Older than Jewish manuscripts . helps to understand the lives of Jewish separatists
Ancestral Religion Worship included the worship of separate clan deities
Ancestral Religion incorporation incorporated certain elements of the cannanite religion ex: influence of polytheism on divine names
Ancestral Religion God the establishment of covenant relationships with their God
Mosiac Religion concept of God Belief of polytheism and the name of Yahweh as God
Mosiac Religion Covenant parity covenant and Suzerainty Covenant
Mosiac Religion Law the ten commandments
Mosiac Religion Culture worshiped by sacrifice and the Arc of the Covenant
Religious life during Judges believed that everything that happened(good or bad) was caused by God
Abraham Father of all nations
Sarah Wife of Abraham and mother of Issac
hagar Sarah's handmaid and Ishmael's mother
Issac Son of Abraham and Sarah .
Ishmael Son of Hagar and Abraham
Rebekah Wife of Issac and Mother of Jacob and Esau
Jacob and Esau the sons of Issac and Rebekah
Rachel and Leah the two wives of Jacob
Joseph the son of Rachel and Jacob
Moses Led the people out of Egypt and was given the Ten commandments by God
Deborah only female judge
Joshua Great leader who was looking for land
Land theory : Conquest Model archaeology ; military success under Joshua
Land theory: Gradual Infiltration long and peaceful infiltration of Palestine by diverse groups
Land theory : revolt scatological model ; based on the uprising of the peasants
Beh-ab house of the father
organization of people during the time of Judges families -to- clans -to- tribes
Created by: thanzali
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