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Phleb #4

Phleb Definitions test 4

Hemolysis Rupture of red blood cells + release of hemoglobin into the serum or plasma
Hemophilia A blood disease which interferes with the normal clotting of the blood causing excessive bleeding
Hepatic Pertaining to the liver
Hormone A chemical substance which is manufactured in an organ glend or body part and is transported through the blood stream to another part of the body and used there to stimulate a chemical action or increase body function
Host That upon which a parasite or microorganism feeds
Hyperglycemia An unusually high level of blood sugar
Hypoglycemia An unusually low level of blood sugar
Hysterectomy The surgical removal of the uterus through the walls of abdomen or vagina
Immune Resistance to a disease brought about by the development of antibodies
Incoherent The inability to make oneself understood by another
Incontinence The loss of sphincter muscle control leading to the inability to retain urine
Incubation The growing of microorganisms
Infection A pathological condition caused by the growth of microorganisms in a host
Inferior Vena Cava The principle vein draining the lower part of the body
Inoculate To introduce microorganisms into a culture medium
Insulin A hormone used to control blood sugar levels
Interacellular Fluid The Fluid within the cells consisting mostly of water
Interstitiial Fluid The fluid found between tissue cells as plasma filters out of the capillaries into microscopic space
Iodine An element used in development and function of the thyroid gland, tincture of iodine, is used as a disinfectant and as a germicide
Isolation Separation - confining a patient to a specific area
Lethargic A condition of drowsiness or indifference
Leukemia A blood tissue disease marked by the excessive production of white blood cells
Leukocytosis A marked increase in Leukocytes in the blood
Leukopenia A marked decrease in the leukocytes in the blood
Lipemia An abnormal amount of fat in the blood causing the serum to appear milky and cloudy
Liter The metric fluid measure equivalent to 1000 Milliliters (ml)
Liver The largest organ in the body involved with metbolism, blood clotting and protein formation
Leukocytes White blood cells
Leukocytosis A marked increase in leukocytes in the blooc
Hemorrhage Discharge of an abnormally large amount of blood
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