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Bible Final

Terms Chapters 8-12

apocalyptic adjective used to describe a particular worldview and the literature that arises from it
Judgement Oracles has a negative tone, announces God's pending punishment of either Israel or its enemies
Tribute smaller nations often paid money and other materials to the kinds of powerful empires in order to be left alone
vision describes a variety of religious experience in the prophetic literature
call narrative an account of the prophet's initial experience
confession a series of six or seven poems appear throughout Jeremiah 11-20 in which the prophet protests to God about his burdensome task and the way he is being treated
exiles the period of captivity of the Israelites in Babylon
High Places unauthorized worship sites, devoted to the worship of other gods
Megiddo large plain in the north central region of Israel
Pagan practices and beliefs of other religions
Sabbath the seventh day, used for rest rather than work
Salvation Oracles mostly positive tone about how God will come to deliver Israel from its suffering adn difficulties
Sign-act symbolic actions that were used to communicate a message
Acrostic alphabetic pattern used in Hebrew poetry
Allegory complex story in which multiple imaginative elements represent real persons, placles, or events
Aramaic northwest Semitic language closely related to Hebrew
Deportation carrying of many of the residents of Judah and Babylon
Personification non-personal objects that are portrayed as persons
Restoration numerous aspects of Israel's return to the land and rebuilding of its society after the exile
Siege military strategy that was often used against walled cities in the ancient world
Suffering Servant servant figure portrayed in the four servant songs in Isaiah
governor because the Israelite monarchy was not reestablished, it was ruled by a governor appointed by the Persian Empire
memoir a person's writings about the events of his life, typically in first person
Second Temple the rebuilt temple that replaced Solomon's temple
Sukkoth one of the festivals celebrated by Israel, involved going out into the fields and living in small booths
Targumin when Jewish Scriptures were translated into Aramaic, the unofficial body of Aramaic texts were known as Targumin
Torah law or instructions, first 5 books of Hebrew text
Yehud Jewish homeland after being released from Babylonian captivity was known as Yehud
Hallelujah "Praise Yah", referring to YHWH
Hymn of Praise common type of psalm is present throughout the book of Psalms
Imprecatory Psalms describes the psalms that are very negative
Proverbs sayings, riddles, short stories, and wise sayings
Psalms means prayers, song
Retribution Theology the belief that the righteous who are obedient to God will be blessed, while the wicked will be cursed
Theodicy an attempt to explain the existence of evil and suffering in the world and God's role in the suffering
Vanity an obsession with surface appearances
Wisdom a way of thinking and talking about the world which is embodied in the wisdom literature
Chiasm literary unit that uses matching elements at the beginning and end of each unit and works toward the center
Hasmoneans a succession of Jewish rulers that ruled as an independent Jewish state
Hellenistic used to describe elements of Greek culture that spread throughout the ancient near east with military and political expansion
Levirate Marriage requires a man to marry his brother's widow if his brother dies without pronouncing ah heir
Maccabeans a group of Jewish warriors that rose up to overthrow Greek rule in Palestine
Ptolemies succession of leaders that followed after the rule of Ptolemy
Seleucids succession of leaders that followed after the rule of Seleucus
Diaspora Jewish people being spread across the world, result of the long succession of empires
Hasidim sectarian group that arose during the second and first centuries BCE with Judaism
Mishnah recorded discussions and debates between great rabbis concerning the meaning of the law
Qumran small settlement discovered by archeologists near the Dead Sea, found very close to the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found
Pseudepigraphical "false name", large group of Jewish writings that use false names or those of famous people from the past are known as Pseudepigrapha
Sect smaller, well defined group within a larger religion
Talmud additional rabbinic interpretations of the law
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