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Ch 10 Religion 8

The First Years

When does the Christmas Season begin? Christmas Eve, December 24
What kind of season is the Christmas Season? It is a liturgical season.
When does the Christmas Season end? The Baptism of the Lord
What feast is celebrated on the Sunday after Christmas? Feast of the Holy Family
What feast is celebrated on January 1 and is a holy day of obligation? Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
Which feast is celebrated on January 6 or the Sunday between January 2 and January 9? The Epiphany
Who is the first martyr of the Church? St. Stephen
What does "epiphany" mean? manifestation or revelation
What fact does the feast of the epiphany celebrate? Jesus was revealed to all the nations.
What event does the Epiphany recall? The event of travelers from the East who followed a star, searching for a newborn king.
The story of the journey and visit of the Magi are only found in which Gospel? the Gospel of Matthew
Which two Gospels report the story of Jesus' birth? Matthew and Luke
From where did the Magi come? Persia in the east which is modern day Iran.
What three gifts did the Magi bring and what do they symbolize? Gold symbolizes Jesus is King; Frankincense symbolizes Jesus is God ; and myrrh symbolize Jesus is human
Who massacred the infant boys in Bethlehem? Herod
What feast do we celebrate during the Christmas Season for those children who were murdered? Holy Innocents
How were the Magi warned not to return to Jerusalem? In a dream
Joseph was told to flee to what place in order to protect Jesus? Egypt
Which book of the Bible tells about the early Church? Acts of the Apostles
Acts is thought to be a continuation of whose Gospel? Luke
Acts of the Apostles records the Church's movement from Jerusalem to what great city? Rome
With what event does the Acts of the Apostles begin? Pentecost
Which Church leader does Acts tell about? Peter
Whose missionary adventures does Acts describe? Paul
Whose role in the Church does Acts stress? the Holy Spirit
What are the early letters to Christians called? epistles
What signs were there that the apostles were filled with Jesus' Spirit? They could work wonders or miracles.
Why could the apostles be called "rich poor men:? They had no money of their own. They shared everything. But, they were rich in the knowledge, love, and power of Jesus Christ.
How did miracles help the Church grow? People were attracted to the apostles and listened to Peter's speech.
How did the apostles respond to their sufferings, according to the Acts of the Apostles? The rejoiced at the honor of being found worthy to suffer for the name of Jesus whom they loved.
What are the most important things we learn from the Acts of the Apostles? Prayer is an important part of the life of the early Christians. They shared everything in common. They bore witness to the Resurrection.
What was the role of the first deacons? to minister to the needs of the community
What is a martyr? someone who sacrifices his or her life out of witness to Jesus
Who was the first martyr of the Church? Why? St. Stephen was one of the first seven deacons of the early Church. He angered the Jewish leaders by enthusiastically preaching about Jesus.
How was St. Stephen killed? He was stoned to death.
How did the persecution of the Christians actually help to spread the Good News? Christians fled to Judea, Samaria, and Antioch and brought the Good News there.
Name some of the experiences of the early Church. Pentecost, Peter and John healed a crippled man, Jewish leaders were angry at Peter, John and all apostles because they were healing and preaching in the name of Jesus, The apostles were arrested and jailed but set free, Stephen's death
How do the events and the people of the Acts of the Apostles still have meaning for us today? The events mark the beginning and the spread of our faith, and the people show the qualities needed to spread the faith.
How so the events of the Acts of the Apostles still influence our lives? We live by the same teachings of Jesus today.
How can we apply the events of the Acts of the Apostles to or lives today? We can pass on the teachings of Jesus, as the early Christians did, to help the Church grow.
How can a teenager like you spread the teachings of Jesus today? Internet, you tube, e-mail, web sites, blogs, podcasts, printed word, radio, TV, videos, DVD
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