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U2L8 Social Studies

Democracy a form of government in which citizens have the power
Industrialized having large industries as an important feature in a country or an economic system
Japan modeled their universities after the... USA's
Japan modeled their navy after... Britain's
Japan modeled their educational system after... France's
Japan modeled their military after.. Germany's
Fukuzawa Yukichi An influential author, educator, and business entrepreneur
When was Fukuzawa Yukichi born 1835 in Osaka, to a low ranking samurai family
Liberal Favouring a relaxing of social traditions favouring personal freedom
human rights the basic rights believed to belong to every person
conservative averse to rapid change
Dajokan the Japanese government structure implemented during the Meiji period
What was the Japanese government's main goal to be efficient and economical
Liberal groups supported the French and American ideals of human rights and a representative government
Conservative groups supported the German model of centralized government
What type of government model did the oligarchy decide on a centralized government
What did the government want people to be loyal to the central state and the emperor rather than to their local daimyo
Why did the Japanese government abolish the feudal system so people would be loyal to their emperor rather than their local daimyo
What did abolishing the feudal class system allow people to do choose their occupations and move around the country freely
Created by: MUFU