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KMC CH 20: Vatican

KMC CH 20: Vatican II & the Modern World

Pope Bl. John XXIII Nicknamed "Good Pope John", he opened Vatican II.
Second Vatican Council Convened by Pope Bl. John XXIII in order to update the Church, so that she might be better prepared to bring her spiritual gifts to the world.
"Humanae salutis" "For the Salvation of Men," this is the Apostolic Constitution with which Pope Bl. John XXIII formally convened Vatican II.
"Lumen Gentium" "Light of Nations," Vatican II's Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, which presents the Church as a "communio" & states that all members of the Church are called to holiness.
"Dei Verbum" "The Word of God," Vatican II's Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, which says that authentic interpretation of God's word has been entrusted to the Church alone.
"Sacrosanctum concilium" "The Sacred Council," Vatican II's Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, which advocated active participation of the Faithful and permitted use of the vernacular at Mass.
"Gaudium et spes" "Joy and Hope," Vatican II's Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World
"Humanae Vitae" Encyclical of Paul VI which reaffirmed that contraception is wrong & that every marital act must be open to human life; it was opposed because of the sexual revolution of the 60's & fears of overpopulation; the media gave dissenters favorable attention.
Significance of John Paul II's papacy He was the first non-Italian pope in centuries; he was a pastoral pope & traveled widely throughout his parish - the world; he helped to defeat Communism; he forgave the man who had attempted to kill him.
Pope Benedict XVI He was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before his election; he is one of the most influential theologians of the 20th century; he was a trusted friend & ally to John Paull II; he opened the cause for beatification of John Paul II.
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