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"Fifty-Four Forty or Fight" supporters of James K. Polk cried this; meant they wanted all of Oregon to the 54,40' north latitude line.
James K. Polk promised in the 1844 presidential race to annex Texas and Oregon and buy California from Mexico.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo America paid Mexico $15 million plus assumed $3.25 million of Mexican debt.
Squatters settled on land they did not own.
Donner party tried to survive by resorting to cannibalism.
Mormons traveled west, settled in Utah in search of religious freedom.
Manifest destiny the idea that God had given the continent to Americans, and wanted them to settle Western land.
National Colonization Act Mexico gave 26 empresarios large grants of Texas land in exchange for a promise to fill the land with a number of settlers.
Republic of Texas after winning independence from Mexico, most Texans voted for annexation.
American settlers in Texas Mexico invited Americans and foreigners to settle Texas because its own citizens did not want to move closer to Native Americans; Mexico believed they would see Mexico as their own country.
John Louis O'Sullivan magazine editor who terms the idea Manifest Destiny.
Texas revolution Battle of san Jacinto the final decisive battle for Texans; Texans defeated at the Battle of the Alamo.
Overlanders used guidebooks to find their way West.
John Deere engineered a plow with slick, sharp-edged steel blades that cut clearly through the sod.
Sam Houston First president of the Republic of Texas.
Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana captured in the battle of San Jacinto
Brigham Young Led the Mormons west to escape further persecution.
Cyrus McCormick patented the mechanical reaper in 1834.
Zachary Taylor led the troops who crossed the Nueces River, starting war with Mexico.
Abolitionism southerners saw it as an attack on their entire way of life.
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