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Section E Part 1


What does the term 'Sacredness' mean? A place that is holy and set apart from ordinary life.
What is the term 'Pilgrimage' mean? A journey made by a pilgrim to a sacred place.
Name one reason why Christians go on pilgrimage. To strengthen their faith in God.
Name a place of pilgrimage associated with Jesus. Jerusalem
Name a place of pilgrimage associated with Mary. Lourdes
Name a place of pilgrimage associated with the Saints. Rome
Name a place of pilgrimage associated with St. Patrick. Lough Derg
Name a place of pilgrimage in Sligo. Tobernalt Holy Well
Where is Croagh Patrick? Co. Mayo
Why is Croagh Patrick a sacred place? St. Patrick climbed this mountain to pray and fast during Lent 441CE.
Where is Lough Derg? Co. Donegal
Why is Lough Derg a sacred place? St. Patrick is believed to have paid frequent visits to the island to pray and fast.
What is the focal point in a Roman Catholic Church? The Altar
What is the focal point in a Methodist or Presbyterian Church? The Pulpit
What is the focal point in a Quaker meeting house? The assembly of people
What is the Tabernacle in a R.C.C.? A small free standing safe where the Blessed Sacrament is kept.
What is the Lectern in a R.C.C.? A stand that holds the Bible.
What is the Sanctuary in a R.C.C.? A 'holy place' where the Eucharist is celebrated.
What is the Sanctuary Lamp in a R.C.C.? A red lamp located near the tabernacle to alert everyone to the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
What is the Pascal Candle in a R.C.C.? A candle that is lit during the Easter Vigil which reminds people that Jesus Christ is the light of the world.
How is the Christian calender divided? Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Ordinary time.
Name the colours of the seasons in the Liturgical year. Purple, White, Gold, Red, and Green
When does the Liturgical year begin? The 1st Sunday of Advent
Name the most important Christian festival. Easter
What is Advent? A time of waiting and preparation for the coming of Jesus at Christmas.
When does Advent begin and end? Begins four Sundays before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve.
What is Christmas? Come's from the old English term meaning the 'Mass of Christ's birth'.
When does Christmas begin and end? Begins Christmas day and ends on the third Sunday after Christmas.
How long does the season of Lent last? 40 days
Where do the ashes used on Ash Wednesday come from? The palms from Palm Sunday the previous year.
What is the most important time of the Liturgical Year? Easter
What does Holy (Maundy) Thursday mark? Jesus sharing the Eucharist with his disciples at the Last Supper.
How long does the season of Easter last? 50 days
What night does the Easter Vigil take place? Holy Saturday
When does the Ascension take place? 40 days after Easter
When does Pentecost take place? 50 days after Easter
What does the term 'Places of Significance' mean? Places or buildings that have a special meaning for people.
What does the term 'Actions of Significance' mean? Actions that have a special meaning for people.
What does the colour purple symbolise in the Liturgical calendar? Penance and fasting
Name one thing Christians do during Advent. Performing good deeds. e.g. preparing hampers for S.V.P.
Name one thing Christians do to celebrate Christmas. Attend Mass and religious services.
Name one thing Christians do during Lent. Fasting - giving up something e.g. chocolate.
Name one thing Christians do to celebrate Easter. Attend the Vigil on Holy Saturday.
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