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KMC CH 19: Witness

KMC CH 19: The Church Gives Witness

"Pope of the Eucharist" St. Pius X encouraged frequent reception of the Eucharist, relaxed the rules for its reception, lowered the age for its reception, & wrote many encyclicals on it.
How Modernists view religion They view it as a matter of psychological experience rather than objective truth, & they view the Bible as a compilation of experiences rather than divinely-inspired truth.
Papacy of Benedict XV He was an experienced diplomat who had hoped to be a part of the peace talks in Versailles after World War I; he succeeded in re-establishing diplomatic relations with France & England; he encouraged native clergy & church hierarchy.
Asia and Africa Continents which saw a tremendous growth in Catholicism during the early decades of the twentieth century
Russia Dominating communist regime which rose to power after World War I
Soviet Communism It had its roots in the theories of Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels; by 1959, more than two & half million Russian Catholics had lost their lives; Communists were skilled propagandists; both Orthodox & Catholic churches were destroyed.
Fatima At this town in Portugal, Mary appeared to three children & asked them to pray for peace & the conversion of Russia
Pope Pius XI He set up the Vatican radio station, which was important for the dissemination of Western news during the repressive Cold War period.
"Casti Connubii" Encyclical of Pius XI which reaffirmed Christian teaching on matrimony and family life, and restated the Church's condemnation of contraception
St. Josemaria Escriva Founder of Opus Dei, an organization whose members model themselves after the very first Christians.
1933 Concordat between Germany and the Vatican The Church was allowed to stay independent; German clergy would temper their political resistance to Hitler; the clergy would be subject to Canon Law & gained special priveleges for Catholic schools; the Catholic Center Party was disbanded.
When Hitler began to violate the 1933 Concordat Immediately!
"Mit Brenneder Sorge" Encyclical of Pius XII - written first in German, rather than Latin - which was a powerful indictment of Nazism; Pius XII ordered that it be read in every German church.
Effects of the Spanish Civil War on the Church 6,832 priests & religious were killed, 13 bishops were killed; Freemasons & Leftists had waged attacks on the Church for years even before the start of the war, sacking & burning churches & assassinating clerics.
"Cristeros" Catholic rebels who fought against the regime of Plutarco Calles, but were quickly crushed; several were declared martyrs
Bl. Miguel Pro Martyr of the Mexican Revolution who cried out "Viva Cristo Rey" right before he was shot by a firing squad.
Ways Pius XII tried to promote peace & save lives during World War II He wrote the encyclical "Summi Pontificatus" which spoke of the natural unity of the human race & condemned racism in his Christmas messages; he sheltered Jewish refugees in Vatican "safe houses"; he stopped the deportation of 800,000 Jews from Hungary.
St. Maximilian Kolbe Franciscan priest & martyr who was imprisoned in Auschwitz; he voluntarily took the place of a married man who was to be starved to death.
St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross Born into a Jewish family, a declared atheist in her youth, she converted after reading the autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila. She was executed in the gas chamber at Auschwitz.
Significance of Pope Pius XII's declaration of the assumption of Mary as Catholic dogma It contributed to Catholic teaching about the Blessed Virgin Mary, & it rejected once again the heresy of body-soul dualism.
Created by: MAGISTRA56