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Ch. 15-Test

Ch. 15-The Renaissance Period

Who was the man that was known for his paintings of the Virgen and the child "Jesus"? Raphael
What was the period in which the Middle Ages ended and started a new political, social, and scientific period? the renaissance
Who was the man that was known for the David (Sculptor) and paintings of the Sistine Chapel in Italy? Michelangelo
Who was the man of scientific study, engineering, paintings, and many other talents that made him the true "Renaissance Man" of his era? Leonardo da Vinci
Who was the first to sailed his ship to the southern tip of Africa from Portugal, but had to go back due to low supplies and a "mutiny" by the crew? Bartolmeu Dias
Who sailed a ship from Portugal to India creating the first trade route between these countries? Vasco de Gama
This sailor started with 5 ships, he was killed in the Philippine Islands, and only one ship made it back to Spain from its circumnavigation around the world. Ferdinand Magellan
Who was the first to reach the New World, thinking he landed on the islands of India, mistaking calling the native people "Indians," which stuck until today? Christopher Columbus
What exchange was made from the Eastern and Western continents during thing time period of the renaissance? The Columbia Exchange
What was the treaty that Columbus and the church made for both Spain and Portugal to split the Americas without fighting? The Treaty of Tordesillas
Who was the scholar and poet that helped the young generations speak forward about their ideas and student activity? Petrarch
Who was the Italian scientist that was under house arrest for his ideas and the church was against it? Galileo
Who was the Poland scientist that wrote about the sun being the center of the Earth, but had his findings published after he died? Coperious
What was the Roman Catholic Church doing that many people disliked its activities, plus that was how they got rich? Selling indulgences (forgiveness)
Who was the church activities that spoke out against the church for its policies during the "renaissance"? Martin Luther
What did the church wanted to do with Martin Luther after he spoke out against it indulgences and started the "Reformation"? They excommunicated him and wanted to kill him.
What was it called when Martin Luther and other people fought against church policies and struggle for humane treat from the church? Reformation
What did the church do at the Council of Trent to change its policies and go against Martin Luther's ideas? The Counter-Reformation
What was Martin Luther's church known as? The Lutherans
He was a Prince of Portugal that established several voyages to Africa that earned him his name? Henry the Navigator
What is the birthplace of the Renaissance? Florence, Italy
What were the names of the three ships that Queen Isabella gave Christopher Columbus for his trip on the western route, but later became for the "New World" he discovered? La Nina, La Pinta, And La Santa Maria
Who was the captain that landed in a set of islands which he called the Sandwich Islands, who was he? James Cook
What were the Sandwich Island later known as? The Hawaiian Islands
What were the 2 main purposes for the main economic products in Europe? Colonies and Mercantilism
What was the system that Portugal started that force natives to work for them and to practice Christianity as their religion? Encomienda
By 1550, the Spanish conquered 4 main areas in the New World, what were they called? Mexico, Parts of South America, The Caribbean Islands, Central America
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