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Ch 7 Religion 7

The Apostles, Mary and Others and Epiphany Supplement

Why did John's disciples leave him for Jesus? John identified Jesus as the Lamb of God.
What are disciples? Disciples are learners, those who follow a master.
What is an apostle? An apostle is one of the twelve who were close to Jesus and chosen by him to preach the Good News share his ministry and act in his name.
Why is the number 12 significant? There were 12 tribes of Israel and the apostles symbolize the new people of God.
What kind of people were the apostles? They were ordinary people such as fishermen and a tax collector.
What does the fact that Jesus picked ordinary people tell you about Jesus? Jesus can work through anyone.
Name an apostle that was a fishermen. Peter, James the Greater, John, and Andrew
Which apostle was a tax collector? Matthew
Which apostle was a zealot? Simon
Which apostle was in charge of the common funds? Judas
Name an apostle Jesus chose to be with him for special events. Peter, James the Greater and John
Which apostle was not married? John
Which apostle was not martyred? John
Name two apostles who were brothers. Peter and Andrew; James the Greater and John; and James the Less and Jude;
Which apostle was appointed head of the Church? Peter
Which apostle betrayed Jesus? Judas
Who replaced Judas? Matthias
Who doubted that the other apostles saw the risen Lord? Thomas
Which apostle stayed at the cross and was given Mary as a mother? John
Which apostles wrote Gospels? Matthew and John
Which apostles have letters in the New Testament? Peter, James, John, Jude
Which apostles were crucified according to tradition? Peter and Andrew
Who did Jesus rename "the rock"? Peter
Who carries on the teaching of the apostles today? the pope and the bishops
What responsibilities are given to the pope? He is the Bishop of Rome, pastor of the whole Church and has universal power in the care of souls.
What is the role of the bishops? successors of the apostles, principal pastors of their local churches, and source of unity
How do the pope and bishops work together? They keep the faith alive and exercise the authority of Jesus Christ.
What is a diocese? local churches
Who is the best disciple? Why? Mary is the best disciple because she was open to God's will and lived it faithfully.
Who is the first disciple? Why? Mary is the first disciple because she was the first one to believe and follow Christ. She brought him into the world and devoted her life to him for 30 years before his public ministry.
What does it mean to be a witness? to believe and act on that belief
How is Mary a witness? She trusted that Jesus would help at the Wedding feast. She stood faithful at the foot of the cross.
What did Jesus demand of his disciples? Jesus said, " Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me." (Matthew 16:24)
When does the Christmas Season begin? Christmas Eve, December 24
What kind of season is the Christmas Season? It is a liturgical season.
When does the Christmas Season end? The Baptism of the Lord
What feast is celebrated on the Sunday after Christmas? Feast of the Holy Family
What feast is celebrated on January 1 and is a holy day of obligation? Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
Which feast is celebrated on January 6 or the Sunday between January 2 and January 9? The Epiphany
Who is the first martyr of the Church? St. Stephen
What does "epiphany" mean? manifestation or revelation
What fact does the feast of the epiphany celebrate? Jesus was revealed to all the nations.
What event does the Epiphany recall? The event of travelers from the East who followed a star, searching for a newborn king.
The story of the journey and visit of the Magi are only found in which Gospel? the Gospel of Matthew
Which two Gospels report the story of Jesus' birth? Matthew and Luke
From where did the Magi come? Persia in the east which is modern day Iran.
What three gifts did the Magi bring and what do they symbolize? Gold symbolizes Jesus is King; Frankincense symbolizes Jesus is God ; and myrrh symbolize Jesus is human
Who massacred the infant boys in Bethlehem? Herod
What feast do we celebrate during the Christmas Season for those children who were murdered? Holy Innocents
How were the Magi warned not to return to Jerusalem? In a dream
Joseph was told to flee to what place in order to protect Jesus? Egypt
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