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Short Questions

3rd Years

Dr. Yaakov Pearlman is the name of a leader most associated with Judaism. True or False? True
In religious traditions what is an 'Icon'? A sacred image used as an aid to prayer mainly in the Orthodox Churches.
The Qur'an is the sacred text of which world religion? Islam
Martyrdom is the suffering and death of a person who dies for their beliefs or a special cause.True or False? True
What does 'Integrity' in the process of moral decision making mean? Being upright and honest and sticking to one's moral principles.
A covenant is a sacred agreement between God and his people.True or False? True
What is a 'Sacrament'? A sacred ritual that is a visible sign of God's presence with people at key moments in their lives.
Aqiqah is a religious celebration most associated with which one of the world religions? Islam
In religious traditions what is a 'Schism'? A split or divide in the early Christian church.
A Mezuzah is a religious object most associated with which major world religion? Judaism
A miracle that Jesus performed during his life was: The raising of Jarius' daughter.
Wesak is a religious festival most associated with Islam.True or False? False
Fasting is a Christian tradition most associated with which one of the following times of religious significance? Lent
Abraham is a key person in the founding story of which world religion? Judaism
What is 'Polytheism'? Belief in many gods.
Name one reason for community breakdown. Lack of communication/co-operation. People not fulfilling their roles responsibly.
Puja is a type of worship most associated with Hinduism.True or False? True
The Gospel of Matthew is a synoptic gospel. Name another example of a synoptic gospel. Mark/Luke
The title 'Imam' is most associated with which one of the following world religions? Islam
What does the term 'Secularism' refer to? The view that organised religion should have no direct influence on society.
Created by: MsMcCann
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