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Section B

Key Concepts

Ancient Judaism The history and culture of the Jewish people at the time of Jesus.
Christ/Messiah A title meaning 'anointed one'. Jesus is a spiritual leader sent by God.
Conflict with Authority A clash or struggle with people in power.
Discipleship Following Jesus and his teaching.
Eucharist A Christian service of thanksgiving. In the Catholic Church the Eucharist is a sacrament.
Evangelist A gospel writer (Mark, Matthew, Luke or John) who spread the 'Good News' of Jesus Christ.
Evidence Information about a religious tradition collected from different sources.
Evidence from oral and written traditions The way information about Jesus passed from the spoken to the written word.
Gospel The 'Good News' of Jesus Christ in the first four books of the New Testament.
Kingdom of God Jesus' vision of a way of life that loves God and does good to other people.
Martyrdom A willingness to suffer and die for one's beliefs or a special cause.
Memorial Something done to honor and remember someone or something.
Messianic Expectations The hope of the Jewish people that a new leader, a Messiah, would bring them to freedom.
Miracle An amazing cure or deed performed by Jesus to show the power and love of God.
Mission The specific work carried out by members of a Christian community.
Missionary One who is sent on a journey to spread the Gospel by preaching, or by example.
Parable A short story told by Jesus to teach people about the Kingdom of God.
Passover A Jewish festival to celebrate the Exodus.
Pentecost The day the apostles received the Holy Spirit and began spreading the message of Jesus.
People of God Christian communities past and present who believe in God and follow the teaching of Jesus.
Presence The fact that Jesus exists and is truly present here and now.
Ressurection The central Christian belief that Jesus rose from the dead three days after he was crucified.
Sacrifice Something of value (one's life for example) offered to God for the sake of others.
Son of God A title that shows the holy or divine relationship between Jesus and God the Father.
Son of Man A title that shows the human nature of Jesus, and the fact that his suffering and death is a sacrifice to benefit all humanity.
Synoptic To be alike or similar. The Gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke are so alike they are known as the Synoptic Gospels.
Table Fellowship The way Jesus shared meals with everyone to show the Kingdom of God is open to all.
The Holy Land A name for Palestine, the country where Jesus was born.
The Roman Empire The lands rules by ancient Rome.
Transformation A complete change in the appearance and nature of Jesus after the resurrection.
Vocation A feeling of being called by God to serve others.
Witness To proclaim or publicly announce one's religious faith.
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