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Section A

Key Concepts

Authority The power given to an individual or group to make important decisions.
Church A community of Christian people.
Commitment The decision to spend time and energy doing something on behalf of others.
Community Breakdown Disruption in a group due to poor communication, lack of co-operation and failure to carry out roles responsibly.
Communication The exchange of information and ideas with other people.
Co-Operation People's willingness to work together for the benefit of all.
Lack of co-operation A refusal to work with others for selfish reasons.
Denomination A group within Christianity that has its own leaders, beliefs and practices.
Ecumenism A movement to help the Christian Churches become more united.
Faith/Belief A set of religious truths that all members of a community of faith believe.
Founder The person who establishes a community or an organisation for a special purpose.
Gospel The 'Good News' of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.
Identity The distinct characteristics by which a person or group is recognized.
Inter-Faith Dialogue Open and honest discussions between the major world religions.
Inspiring Vision A dream or idea so powerful it motivates people to act on it.
Leadership The task of a leader in guiding a group or organisation.
Ministry Special duties performed by priests, ministers and lay people to serve God and the Church.
Mission The specific work carried out by members of a faith community.
Preaching To speak out and explain a religious truth and urge people to act on it.
Religions Organisations that express belief in God or gods through prayer, worship and way of life.
Religious Commitment The decision to make a sincere effort to put one's religious belief into practice.
Religious Conflict A clash or struggle between different religious groups.
Revelation The way in which God chose to make himself known to human beings.
Roles Tasks that people are expected to perform in a community.
Sacred Text The book of holy or sacred writings of a community of faith.
Sectarianism Hatred of people because they belong to a different religious group.
Service Work carried out to meet the needs of a person or a community.
Sharing People dividing what they have with others.
Tolerance Allowing everyone to have their own religious beliefs and practices.
Vision A vivid dream or mental image of something important.
Vocation A feeling of being called by God to serve others.
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