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World History Unit 1

What was the Neolithic Revolution? Transition between nomadic lifestyle and farming
This was the religion that early humans followed Animism
How many people were in a Nomadic Group? 20-30
What were some of the first plants that were domesticated? Wheat, barley, rice
What were the first two villages? Catahuyuk, Jericho
How did lives change after the neolithic revolution? Could tell time, had calendars,
What does the word Neolithic literally translate to? New stone
The first civilization was located around what river bed? Tigris and Euphrates
What is a surplus? Having more than what you need of something
What is a traditional economy? Hunting and gathering
What were the four river valleys where civilization emerged? Tigris and euphrates, Indus River, Nile River, Yellow River
What individuals wrote down things and kept all court records? Scribes
What is the spread of ideas and customs to new civilizations called? Cultural diffusion
What does "Mesopotamia" literally translate to mean? Between the Rivers
What was the first written language called? Cuneiform
What does Codify mean? To write down and explain
Hammurabi's code was unique in that its laws... had elements of both punishment and revenge
What was unique about the flooding of the Nile It could be controlled
What are the benefits of living near a river access to drinking water, irrigation, transportation
Polytheistic means... more than one God
How many Egyptian Kingdoms were there? 3
Who was the Egyptian God of the underworld? Osiris
What was the Egyptian Holy text called? Book of the Dead
This process involved embalming the body and removing all your organs Mummification
This was the 18 year old King found in the 20th century by the British King Tut
What was the Egyptian alphabet called? Hieroglyphics
What paper-like material did Egyptians use to write on? Papyrus
What was the name of the tablet we used to decipher Egyptian Language? Rosetta Stone
What are the laws the Jewish people followed? Ten Commandments
Who is considered the Father of Judaism? Abraham
What is a covenant? an agreement
Which Jewish King united all 12 Jewish Tribes? King David
Under which King was Jerusalem established? King Solomon
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