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Western Civ. 5

Conquest and Conflict

leader of israel joshua
israel is in _____ moab
israel wants to move into the __________ promiseland
________ is dead Moses
________ is fragmented (don't like each other, no ______, weak) Canaan (unity)
_________ move from egypt back to canaan Hyksos
they are a _______ group (from _____: _______) semidic (shem:jewish)
Canaanits are larger w/ the _________ hyksos
Canaanite gov is made up of _____ _______ small kings
most of these rulers are _________ to ________ throughout history answerable/obedient, Egypt
not a ___________ relationship reciprical
Egypt not involved a lot w/ __________ kings meaning Egypt does not ______ canaanite, care
____________ (in Canaan) is open for _________, Egypt's power is ________, and Israel is to take the _________: ____&____ century B.C.; this is _______ ________ palestine, conquest, low, promiseland: 13th, 14th; God's providence
moses died in _____ B.C.; Joshua is _________ to lead, feels ___________ compared to moses, but knows what he must do and must find _________ 1406; terrified, insignificant, courage
God says to ______ the _____ and you will ______ and have _________ (only time this word is mentioned in Bible) obey, law, prosper, success
God tells Joshua to be ________ and have good ___________ strong, courage
God is w/ ________ joshua
now they must cross the _____ ______ Jordan River
it is _____ at _____ ______; tells us that it is _______ w/ ______ harvest swollen, Flood Stage; spring, barley
______ ________ is when you should cross the jordan river late summer
Johua sent __ spies to scope out __________ 2, Jericho
jericho is just ____ of the jordan river west
strategic location to defend _______ Canaan
jericho had to be taken to get to ______ after crossing river canaan
2 spies almost get _______ if not for _____ caught, Rahab
Rahab is a __________/_____ _______ but very ___________ prostitute/hero harlot, courageous
king is told that spies are there (these ppl know about ______, egypt, and _____ miracles) Israel, God's
king tells rahab to bring out the spies but instead, she ______ them on the ________ and says they ______; the ppl never ______ them hides, roof, left, find
fRahab says that jericho knows _____ is coming and they know of all the ppl that have been ___________ israel, defeated
jericho is ______; rahab asks spies to spare ___, her _______, and their _________ terrified; her, family, possessions
_________ _____ in the window marks that rahab and her family are ______ scarlet, safe
rahab becomes part of the _______ family; she is an ancestor of ____ _____ and ______ covenant, king david, jesus
spies go back to __________; joshua commands the ppl to _____________________________ report; form a line and march
_______ are to go 1st w/ the ____ of the ________; _____ is to follow at a distance priest, nation
must walk across river, takes great _______, when they get there, it _______ faith, stops
mt. of _____ is in the area w/ ______, ____ cliffs Ghor, rocky, dry
river has been _______ from flowing by ________in an ________/_______ many times in history: could have been what happened, still a __________ stopped, boulders, avalanch/earthquake, miracle
after crossing river, must build a ________ to show ___________ and remember _________ memorial, passage, history
then, they all __________ each other circumcised
joshua has crossed but has not really gottten anywhere b/c there is a ____ ______ huge wall
in front, a huge man w/ a ______ stands; joshua asks ___ us or _______ us; man says _____, for __________ sword; for, against; No, Lord
huge man was a ________ of the ______ of the ________ commander, army, Lord
he was not someone to fight, but a different ___________ category/scale/level
Joshua ________ him; meaning it was a _________ worshiped, christophany (or theophany)
Christs' name is _______ in Aramaic and ________ in Hebrew Jesus, Joshua
the man says to take _______ off b/c on _______ _________; not worried about _________ sandals, Holy Ground; Jericho
jericho is ________ fortified; first campaign is _________ campaign strongly; central
ordinarily could withstand siege of several yrs., but also had ______ walls, _______ harvest, _________, and on a ______ slope high, barley, water, steep
line of march: _____ each day for ___ days; __ times on the ______ day (___ times in all) once, 6; 7 Sabbath (13
_____ always blow ______; all _____ on 13th lap; then, _________ ppl priests, trumpets; yell; annihilate
Rahab could have been ________, or her house could have _______ ________ rescued, remained standing
central campaine is first place that israel ________ attacks
they are to leave ________; ___ breathing die; under God's wrath b/c of _______ nothing; all; idols
under ________ of God which means ____ of God; That makes it a ______ _____ herem, ban; Holy War
Good biblical evidence: large barrels of ____ and _____; tells us 1. they did not ____ anything 2. city burned w/ _____ 3. houses were on _____ 4. city did not have a ____ time to burn b/c not every single thing was burned wheat, barley; 1. take 2. fire 3. hill 4. long
just b/c burned does not mean all _________ destroyed
results of march: ____ _____ wall falls
walls could have fallen b/c of ______/_______ given off by trumpets residence/frequency/pitch
another miracle: walls fall _______, _____ slope outward, down
normal: ______ ramp: walls fall _______ siege; inward
one man from Israel violates ______ of God: _____ ___ ______ Herem; Achan ben Carmi
He takes a _______ _____, ____, and _______; he ____ it in a hole under his _______ and keeps it ______ Babylonian garment, gold, silver; hides, tent, secret
Israel goes to the city of ____: a _______ ________, possibly a small outpost ot protect __________ Ai, military garrison, Bethlem
Israel sends _____ ppl to take it and Israel is _______ 3000, defeated
Joshua ____ _____ to God and asks him what the ________ is cries out, problem
God says someone ________, so find the _______ things; search _____ by _______ sinned, accursed, man, man
they find _______ and he _______ Achan, confesses
Achan, his family, his animals, and their possessions are taken to ________ of _______ Valley, Achor
they are ______ and ______; then Israel takes ____ in an _______ and the king is _______ stoned, burned, Ai, ambush, hanged
they move through Jericho where the ______ _______ are not well defended central plains
Joshua builds an _____, reads _____, _______, and ______ at ________: it is a _____ ______; ________ built their too altar, curses, blessings, law, Shechem: holy sight; abraham
many tribes in the central plains are _______ _______ from the _______; it is _____ ppl semidic groups, shemites; few
canaanites are mainly in the ______ ____ coastal areas
south of Ai live the ________ and _______; the ________ band together to defend Amorites, Gibeonites; Amorites
the _______ realize that the odds are _______ themselves, but Israel does not make _______ Gibeonites, against, alliances
Gibeonites send a group of __________ to ________ and claim that they are from a ________ _____ and ask for a _______ ambassadors, Gilgal, foriegn land, treaty
Israel is ________, _______ the story, and ______ ______ gullible, accept, swear peace
Joshua figures out plot ___ days later but it is _____ ______ b/c he already swore to _______ 3; too late; protect
Israel made a ________ by this treaty that would _______ them in the next campaign union; plague
the second campaign is the __________ campaign southern
Jerciho is close to the _____ _______ Dead Sea
Israels has a unique method of _______ and ________ divide, conquer
the Amorites hear about the ________ that the _______ made w/ Israel alliance, Gibeonites
the Amorites decide to _______ Gibeon attack
Israel must _______ Gibeon and _______ the Amorites protect, fight
method of divide and conquest: started in ________ region, then moved to _______, then to ______, so regions did not join ________ central, south, north
story of conquest illustrates God's _________; ex. _________ faithfulness, promiseland
__ city states in the Amorite kingdom 5
Israel to _______ to defend ______ from the ________: Lord ________ and sends _____ to kill them (more killed w/ this than w/ _____) Gilgal, Gibeon, Amorites: intervenes, hail, Sword
Joshua told _____ to stand still over __________: God ______ do it sun, Gibeon, did
it is _______; could be ______; just to illustrate that God _______ Joshua and all that happened ________ like a day Poetic; figurative/unreal; helped; seemed
could be _______; special, crazy, _______ day literal, unique
stories from other cultures of a _____ _____ long night
Book of ______ is a Hebrew Book Jasher
Amorite kings run to _________ ________ regions to ______; Joshua finds and _____ them Judean Shepalah, caves, buries
Joshua goes to ______ to _____ ppl; only met ______ resistence, and they _______ Negev, Tocan, submitted
during the conquest, nobody wants to _____ Israel, but there are still _______; however, it remains _________ land fight, conflicts, Israels
Third campaign is the _________ Campaign northern
Israel has control of the _____ and ________; north gets ________ central, south, fearful
City states form the _______ of ____________ to the _________ of ________ come together valley, jezreal, headwaters, Jordan
Valley of Jezreal has the richest _________ region agricultural
Leader _______ is from ________ Jabin, Hazor
To surrender, you are in ________ to Israel service
Jabin gathers all ppl ______ of the city and they have ______ east, chariots
the ppl are waiting and ready but God has asuured Joshua ______, so Israel _______ victory, wins
Hazor was ______; under ______ of ____; treated like _______; archeologists find lots of _______ (from heat) burned, herem, God, Jericho, glass
all Canaan feels the strength of _______, and their ______ who is _______ Israel, God, faithful
israel has now conquered the ________ promiseland
no ________ left to fight them nations
afther conquests, Bible tells of lands assigned to the ________ tribes
________ is still alive and gets his land first, _______ by God, he gets around and including _________ Caleb, promised, Hebron
he must _____ ppl out, He is ______, but family helps him run, 85
__________ also recieves individual portion, built city in _______ called ______-_______ Ephraim, Timnath-Serah
Levites get _________ inheritance- ____ cities spiritual, 48
Not _______ settling ppl; Boundries are _______; tribes _______ (skirmishes) Simple; idealistic; fight
________ gives testimony regarding_________ of tribes (lots of ______) Judges, harassement (problems)
Israel does not really unite until it has a __________ b/c the land is _________ seperated king, geographically
it _________ certain tribes; not good _________ and ___________; different ______ isolates, communication, transportaion, lives
only have contact when go to ________, otherwise, don't see each other tabernacle
________ finds a place for the _______ and the ______ of the _______ to rest permanently Joshua, Tabernacle, Ark, Covenant
it has to be ______ and have ________ meaning central, spiritual
It is at ______, close to _______ and ________, it stays there for _______ yrs. Shilh, Bethlem, Shechem, 300
ppl build a memorial on the brink of the _____ _____ once they crossed; others get _____ b/c only suppose to be _____ place of worship Jordan River, upset, one
ppl get it worked out and then build another memorial named ____ which means _________ Ed, witness
closing yrs. of Joshua's life Israel needs ______ help
joshua gather the ppl together and tells them to keep the _______ and be ________ law, obedient
then he traces israel's _______ from _____-_____ Israels's, Abram-himself
then he says, "_____________________________" As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
he is saying there is no ____, you must serve God choice
they build a new _________ memorial
joshua is buried at _________ _______ Timnath Serah
Canaanite religion is _________; there are __ main gods nasty, 3
El is the _____ of the gods, a heavy _______, most ________ in early Canaanite society, _______, and ________ father, drinker, prominant, shadowy, nebulous
El is gradually replaced by ______ who is most directly associated w/ _______ and has the most interaction w/ _____; just a _______ at first- ________ _________: dif Baal's which means ______ Baal, mankind, ppl; title- local manifestation, lords
Baal had a major struggle w/ ____ the god of _______; ________ defeated ______ and _____ rose from the dead Mot, death; Baal, Mot, Baal
there is a festival to ____ every _______ to celebrate his rising from the dead- if no rain, then _____ got control Baal, spring, Mot
________ was the wife of El, the goddess of ________, associated w/ _______ _______, and the _______ goddess; her name means _______ _____ Asherah, fertility, sacred prostitution, virgin, scared trees
_________ _______ are common (sexual expression in worship) fertility cults
canaan believes that the gods originated from ____ in _______ sex, nature
all living find origin in a living, crass way (_______ _________ of gods) sexual relationships
________ _________: prostitution so gods follow example: to promote and continue life imitative magic
gods have sex=lands ________ fertile
______ in temple to promote gods: all based on __________ orgy, imitation
_________ taunts _____ in the underworld: tells this god to yell louder Elijah, Baal
______ _______ _______: special immorality New Year's Festival
many prostitutes b/c many _____ _______ single women
canaanites also _______ _________ sacrifice kids
they have a god made of metal w/ an open back named ________ molech
they put caol and wood in his back to build a ______ of the ______ fire, idol
they then set a ____ in Molech's hot ____ and watch it ______ to try to get s/t from the gods baby, arms, sizzle
_____ is the goddess of war; she is ____ and _____ in triumph (these are ppl whose cities ______) Anat, arrogant, gloats, burn
God sends his ______ on these ppl; he has _________ the wickedness for a long time wrath, tolerated
therefore, he sends a _______ _________ terrible punishment
Some Israelites ________ the Canaanite customes, but some _______ it follow, fight
we do not know the ________ of judges author
author was eaither during or after the time of ________ and _________ David, Saul
the time period is _______ david and saul, but judges was written _______ before, after
author makes comparisons to _____, tells good things of _______, and speeks of their hometowns Saul, David
Two Key Phrases in Judges 1. No king in the land 2. Everyone did what was right in their own eyes
4 major steps (the pattern of judges)- gets worse 1. sin 2. foriegn oppression 3. repentence 4. deliverance by a judge
no place in scripture is Yahew seen as a ______ creature-not _____, _______, but a _______ sexual, male, female, spirit
some judges rules _______ each other b/c no juddge is the _______ of Israel overlap, leader
some ppl think ______ was the leader of Israel samuel
Some think the time of judges was a _____ yr. period 400
Israel is not a _______ nation united
prologue to judges: 2 things 1. conquest is incomplete 2. practice af aposticy
aposticy means ________ the _______ abandoning, faith
2 primary practices of aposticy 1. intermarry 2. worship canaan gods
first judge is _______, son-in-law of ______, we do not know a lot about him Othniel, Caleb
repeated many times in judges: Spirit of Lord came upon him
judge is different in _______ than today Bible
at least ___ judges that we know of 12
they are ________ _________ that deal w/ the foriegn _______, and ________ _______ military governors, enemy, military action
essential for a judge to be _________ charismatic
this means you must be blessed by the ________, called and empowered by _______ Spirit, God
you are not _______, and it is not ________ elected, hereditary
proof that you are empowered by God is that you do the magnificent things that only _____ could do God
the second judge is _______, his forign enemy is King ______ of ______ Ehud, Eglon, Moab
Eglon is _____ handed: could mean trained w/ _______ in this hand left, sword
Israel sends him to take ______ to ______, who is a _____ man money, eglon, fat
Ehud takes a _____ w/ him and says he has a secret ________ for eglon dagger, message
he drives the dagger in to Eglon's _______ belly
eglon's ________ check on him but the room is ________ servants, locked
they think he is going ________ so they ______ potty, wait
they finally go in and see the king ______ dead
moabits attack _______, and the children of Israel _______ the Moabites Ehud, kill
third judge is ________: who killd ____ men w/ an ____ _______; this proves that the ______ of the _______ is on him; he also ___________ Israel Samgar, 600, ox goad, Spirit, Lord, delivered
the fourth judge is _______, her enemy was king ______ of ________ (probably a descendent from ________ time) deborah, Jabin, Hazor, Joshua
hazor had _________ and their military leader was _________ chariots, Sisera
Deborah's military leader was ______; God spoke to ________ Barak, Deborah
told ________ to go win land: barak says if you go with me b/c he knew the __________ of ____ was w/ Deborah Barak, Presence, God
the problem is, _______ do not fight women
Deborah oes w/ him but tells him that he will recieve no ________, a ______ will glory, woman
_______ men rallied to the call to fight 10,000
God sends a ____ ______ which _________ the chariots, and a small river ________ rain storm, neutralizes, overflows
_______ and his army run and hide in the tent of a ________ he trusts Sisera, woman
her name is ________, a _______ woman Jael, Kenite
Sisera wants ________ (which would make him _______); but Jael gives him ______ (which would make him _______) water, alert, milk, sleepy
While he is sleeping, Jael drives a tent ______ though his ______ peg, head
a ______ had to step up, but it was ________ by God woman, ordained
a woman's priority is the _____ and _______ home, kids
the fifth judge is ______, his enemy is the __________ who are _______ ______ and the 1st ppl to use _______ in warfare Gidean, Midianites, hard core, camels
in the _______, the camels eat in Israel, the kids _______ crops, which destroys Israel's _______ spring, harvest, economy
gideon is a ______ man, in the _______ tribe of ________, with the ______ father of _________, in a ______ village called _______ weak, small, manassah, insignificant, Joash, small, Ophra
an ______ appears to _______ in ________; Gideon is ________ the first time we see him angel, Ophra, hiding
the angel says,"The ______ is with you, you mighty man of _______." (which menas ________ where as Gideon is a _________) Lord, valor, bravory/courage/strength, pansy
gideon responds, if the _____ is here, where is he and why is all this ________ to us Lord, happening
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