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Medieval Europe, Pt1

Basic vocab. that will be needed for test #1!

A source from the time period or from someone who witnessed it. Examples would be a diary, a letter, a picture, an artifact, etc. Primary Source
A source written second-hand or later, not during the time period. Examples include biographies about people, your textbook, an encyclopedia, etc. Secondary Source
The time period of European history from about 500-1500. Middle Ages
The Ottoman Turks changed the name of Constantinople to __________. Istanbul
This was the name of the Eastern Roman Empire during the Middle Ages. The Byzantine Empire
This was the capital of the Western Roman Empire. Rome
This was the head of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope
This was the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Patriarch
This was the main Christian church in the Eastern Roman Empire. Eastern Orthodox Church
These were the seven important religious ceremonies that people believed were essential in order to get into Heaven. Sacraments
One of the worst punishments a person could receive in the Middle Ages was _____________________, or being kicked out of the church. Excommunication
Monks tried to get away from the craziness of the world by retreating to these. Monasteries
This leader legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire. Constantine
This leader of the Byzantine Empire was known for building the Hagia Sophia, creating a new law code, and causing the Nike riots. Justinian
This was the name of the law code established by Justinian. The Justinian Code
This was the first king of the Franks to convert to Christianity. Clovis
This king of the Franks who reunited Europe, spread Christianity, and promoted education. Charlemagne
This was the Germanic Tribe that included Charlemagne and Clovis and that ruled the land that eventually became known as France. Franks
This was the group from Scandinavia that spread terror throughout Europe by raiding and pillaging. Vikings
This was the economic system that emerged in Europe around the time the Viking invasions. People had to look to local leaders instead of kings for protection, and everyone owed something to someone else. Feudalism
This was the name for the piece of land given to vassals by their lords. fiefs
Any person who was given land and thus owed loyalty to the person above him was considered a _______________ (generic term, not a specific class) vassal
The person given land by the king and who thus owed loyalty to that king. lord
The person hired by the lord to protect the manor in exchange for land and/or crops. knight
The code of behavior that knights were supposed to follow, in which they were dedicated to their lord, the Lord, and their chosen lady. chivalry
The lowest group of the feudalism pyramid. They were not slaves, bu they could not leave the manor. serfs
The name of the empire established by Otto I...basically included all of modern-day Germany. Holy Roman Empire
Created by: robertsb