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Latin America

Geography and Culture

How does air pollution impact Mexico City? Air quality is a concern. It causes lung and heart problems for the very old and very young.
Venezuela's environment is threatened by what? Oil pollution.
Why and where was the Panama Canal built? The Panama Canal was built on the Isthmus of Panama in Central America because it is the thinnest party of the Isthmus.
What regions are considered a part of Latin America? Mexico-Central America, Caribbean, and South America.
What are the two primary languages of Latin America? Why? Spanish and Portuguese because they colonized this region.
What language do Brazilian's speak? Why? Portuguese because they colonized Brazil.
What environmental problem is destroying the Amazon Rainforest? The destruction of the Rainforest through deforestation.
What influence did Spain and Portugal have on South America? They spread their culture throughout the region by requiring natives to learn to speak their language and practice their religion.
What is one effect of slavery that influences Latin America today? The influence of slavery is evident in the Latin American culture today by the food they eat, the music they listen to, and the existence of disenchant of African slaves in the region.
What makes trade easier for Cuba? Cuba's location makes trade easier. It is located within the trade routes for many countries in the region. Cuba's largest trading partner is Venezuela. Venezuela provides Cuba with oil at a cheaper rate.
What does Cuba have to import a lot of ? They have to import many items because they have few natural resources.
Where is the Amazon Rainforest located? In South America, mostly in Brazil.
Where do people live in Mexico? in urban areas mostly in the central part of Mexico.
Where do people live in Venezuela? in urban areas in the northern highlands along the coast.
Where do people live in Brazil? in urban areas mostly along the coast
What natural resources is the number one export for both Mexico and Venezuela? Oil
How are literacy rate and standard of living related? The higher the literacy rate, the higher the standard of living.
Does Brazil or Cuba have a higher population density? Why? Cuba has a higher population density because it is a smaller sized country, so it has more people per square mile.
Which 3 ethnic groups have influenced the culture of Latin America the most? Why was each culture involved? The Spanish and Portuguese because they colonized the area and spread their culture. Africans because they were brought as slaves and brought their cultures.
Arable Land land can be used for growing crops
Literate able to read or write
Literacy Rate the higher the standard of living, the higher the literacy rate.
Standard of Living the wealth, comfort , material etc.
Population Density measurement of population.
Ethnic Group a community of population made up of people who share a common cultural background or decent.
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