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bi- two, twice, double
brady- slow
equi- equal
hemi- half
hetero different, unequal
homo-/homeo same / unchanged
hyper excessive, above normal
hypo- below, abnormally low, deficient
iso- equal. alike , same
macro-, mega- large
micro- small
mono- one, single
multi- many
neo- new
oligo- few, scant
pan- all, everything, universal
poly- many
quadri- four. four-fold
semi- half
tachy- fast
tri- three, thrice
uni- one, single
a- / an not / without
anti- against
dis- / dys bad discomfort, abnormal
chloro- green
cyano- blue
erythro- red
leuko- white
melano- black
polio- grey
xantho- yellow
brachi- short
cryo- cold
eury- broad / wide
hydro- water
necro- dead
noct- night
ortho- normal / correct / straight
pachy- thick
pseudo- false
pyr/o heat / fever, fire
sclero- hard / hardening
steno- narrow / narrowing
myel/o bone marrow. spinal cord
my/o muscle
arthr/o joint
neur/o nerv
ost/o bone
py/o pus
myc/o fungus
arteri/o artery
ather/o fatty plaque
eu- good/easy
dys- bad/difficult
-pathy disease, condition
-ism process, condition
dia- complete, through
-um structure
gno/o knowledge
sarc/o flesh
lapar/o abdomen
diffusion an intermingling of molecules, ions, etc
migration a movement or change of position of atoms within a molecule.
high-density lipoprotein molecules that remove cholesterol from the bloodstream and carry it to the liver.
Low-density lipoprotein A type of cholesterol that is linked to heart disease and atherosclerosis
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