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7th - Ancient Greece

Chapter 12

How did Pericles make it possible for poor people to hold office? paid public officials
seasonal winds that shape the climate of India monsoons
India's modern religion that developed out of Brahmanism Hinduism
a social class in India that is based on a person's job caste
the religion that was started in India by Siddhartha Gautama and is still practiced in many Asian nations today Buddhism
Which rivers surround Mesopotamia? Tigris and Euphrates
A ________ such as "Oedipus Rex", usually presented the downfall of an important character. tragedy
Which direction did the Bantu people migrate from their homeland? southeast
Where did civilization first develop in China? North China Plain
The Silk Roads allowed for ________ in China. cultural diffusion
________ ruled Athens during its Golden Age. Pericles
Buddhism started in which country? India
________ took control of Macedonia after his father, Phillip II, was assassinated n 336 BC. Alexander the Great
Which feature caused the following problems in Greece...difficult to unite under one government, difficult to transport things over land, and little farmland? covered with mountains
a person who takes power in an illegal way tyrant
a narrow strip of land that connects 2 landmasses isthmus
a body of land surrounded on three sides by water peninsula
a person who lives in a place and is entitled to protection by its government citizen
the horizontal lines on a map that measure distances north and south of the Equator latitude
the vertical lines on a map that measure distances east and west of the Prime Meridian longitude
0 degrees longitude Prime Meridian
0 degrees latitude Equator
a land area with its own distinct culture and government country
one of Earths 7 largest landmasses continent
preserved remains of early life fossil
a man-made item with historical significance artifact
an account of a historical event that was created at the time of the event by someone who witnessed it primary source
an account of a historical event that was created after the event occurred by someone who was not there to witness it secondary source
half of a globe or sphere hemisphere
a group of years with some distinct feature(s) in common age, era, epoch
Greek artists aimed to capture the ________ in their work by portraying objects in as perfect a form as possible ideal
Which process allowed the Egyptians to grow crops in land that would otherwise have been desert? irrigation
How did culture change under the rule of Alexander the Great? Greek culture blended with those of conquered lands
At the end of the Persian War, the Greek city-states united together for mutual protection creating a group called the _______. Delian League
Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates are some of the best known developers of Greek ________. philosophy
________ culture began to develop as the customs of Greece began to blend with those of Egypt, Persia, and India Hellenistic
A ________, such as "The Birds", usually made fun of politics or important people and had a happy ending. comedy
Why did Pericles' efforts to rebuild Athens anger the other city-states? he used money from the Delian League
a belief in many gods or goddesses polytheism
fertile soil deposited by a river silt
a political unit that includes a city and its nearby farmlands city-state
human society with an advanced level of development in the arts and sciences as well as political and social organization civilization
a person who specializes in writing and serves as a record keeper scribe
The idea of ________is one of the most important developments in mathematics to come out of India zero
The ________ was a conflict between Athens and Sparta that started in 431 BC. Peloponnesian War
Who were the earliest known people to live in the Indus River Valley? Harappan Civilization
What was Alexander's response to the revolt in Thebes? he destroyed the city
the ancient Chinese philosophy that stresses proper relationships and respect in society Confucianism
favorable for the growth of crops fertile
involving the continents of Europe and Asia trans-Eurasian
a king of ancient Egypt; title means great house pharaoh
the spread of ethnic ideas and customs to other areas of the world cultural diffusion
a group of west-African peoples that gradually migrated south and east, bringing farming and herding to new regions Bantu
group of people with similar customs, background, training, and income social class
an amount produced in excess of what is needed surplus
a skill in one type of work specialization
the cultivation of soil to produce useful crops agriculture
the watering of crops irrigation
Why did Pericles strategy of moving everyone into the city of Athens fail? plague spread quickly
A ________ is an area in a Greek city-state where important temples, monuments, and buildings are located. acropolis
The Egyptians worshiped many gods so their religion was ________. polytheistic
In 421 BC, Athens signed a ________, ending their fighting with Sparta truce
What is the name for the shift from food gathering to food raising? Agricultural Revolution
Why did China have little interaction with other cultures? physical geography
Athens was a ________ in which all citizens participate in running the government. democracy
Which modern-day country was Mesopotamia located in? Iraq
acceptance of beliefs, habits, and practices of others toleration
set of written rules code of law
collection of peoples and lands under one ruler empire
_________ was an important center of learning in Egypt until the 200s AD Alexandria
Who are Herodotus and Theucydides? Greek historians
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