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Grade 10


What is Religion? The belief in the worship of a God or gods. (System of faith and worship).
What is a Cult? A system of religious worship directed towards a particular person or object.
Symbols That which is used to covey some message to a religious community and which could take the form of colour, a figure, gesture, the presence of food, plants or the wearing of a garment.
Deity The concept of the central cosmic source of a divine power which is usually believed to be the creator and the sustainer of the universe.
Rites of Passage Major land marks in life, such as beginning of life, reaching adulthood, marriage, parenthood and death.
Belief Systems Religious teaching that seek to answer various metaphysical and spiritual questions. These beliefs may not be empirically and scientifically demonstrable, but are logical and effective in answering various questions.
Sacrifice The offering to God oneself or of something or someone precious; this is to express thanks giving, or To seek blessings or favours.
Festival The celebration of an event or happening in a religious community that is done According to tradition, providing a means by which a community is able to bring a past experience into the present.
Which of the following Hindu god is considered as the preserver? Vishnu
The belief that a person cannot possibly live an acceptable life in one life time closely linked with Hinduism
This festival is celebrated at the end of Ramadan Eid-ul-Fitzr
What is the Trinity in Christianity? Three different aspects/forms of one
In Islam, which day of the week is set apart for prayers? Friday
Which of the following events does the Passover commemorate? The deliverance of the Israelites out of Egypt
This day marks the beginning of Lent Ash Wednesday
The migration or movement of the soul from one body to another is called. Samsara
The tower from which the call to prayer is issued for Muslims is known as the Minaret
Hindus are not afraid to die because they believe that they will return in another life. This belief is known as the doctrine of: Reincarnation
The place where Hindus worship is called A Masjid
What is the term used to describe the Christian belief that Jesus Christ will return to earth? The second coming
In this ceremony vows are renewed that were made during Infant Baptism Confirmation
What does the day of Pentecost commemorate? The coming of the Holy Spirit
What are the five Pillars of Islam? declaration of faith, prayer, charitable giving, fasting and pilgrimage
With which religion is the term MURTI associated? Hinduism
Muslims believe that there are four revealed books that have been revealed directly to Allah. The most important one is the Qur'an
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