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Classical Civs

Global 9, Unit II

A primary source about the French Revolution is an eyewitness account from a prisoner at the Bastille
What does a topographic map show? physical features
Which geographic feature did the earliest civilizations in Egypt, India, and China have in common? rivers that increased the fertility of the land by flooding
Which belief system is considered monotheistic? Judaism
The Ten Commandments, the Eightfold Path, and the Five Pillars of Faith each serve to provide followers with a guide for living
Which geographic factor contributed to the formation of independent city-states in ancient Greece? mountainous topography
Civic values are obey laws
What was one of the most important contributions of the Greek city-state of Athens? development of direct democracy
Which statement about ancient Greece is an opinion rather than a fact? Greek architecture was superior to Persian architecture.
Alexander the Great’s conquests of Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt and Persia led to the spread of Hellenic culture
The term monsoons can be defined as seasonal winds
Which geographic feature would have most likely hindered the expansion of the Guptas into what is modern-day China? Himalaya Mountains
Believers of Hinduism are expected to fulfill their dharma for a favorable reincarnation
Which religion includes the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, and nirvana? Buddhism
Cultural diffusion can be defined as the spread of ideas
Which major geographic feature has hindered cultural diffusion between India and China? Himalaya Mountains
One way in which filial piety in Confucian China and citizenship in ancient Athens are similar is that both emphasized duties and responsibilities in society
Which belief system was the basis for the civil service exams given during the Han, Tang, and Song dynasties? Confucianism
The rule of Shi Huangdi, legalism, and the tomb of terra cotta soldiers are most closely associated with the Qin dynasty
Trade along the Silk Roads and the trans-Saharan trade routes resulted in cultural diffusion between different societies
The Code of Hammurabi and the Twelve Tables of Rome are examples of written laws
Which geographic feature most directly influenced the development of Rome? seas
The political system of the Ancient Roman Empire was characterized by a strong central government
Important long-term contributions of Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations are primarily found in the area of government and law
What was one reason for the decline of both the Han dynasty and the western Roman Empire? inability to force back foreign invaders
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