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U2L7 Social

Invoilable Not to be violated or harmed
Regalia distinctive and elaborate clothing/decorations
Meiji leaders used emperor Meiji as a symbol of Unity
Why did the government use a creation story to describe Emperor Meiji So then the Japanese could not revere him
What was Emperor Meiji's "Creation story" The Sun kami, Amaterasu, presented imperial regalia to her grandson, Ninigi no Mikoto, and then he passed these items on to his descendants, who were emperors of Japan. The regalia he passed down consisted of a mirror, sword, and a carved jewel.
What age did Emperor Meiji become emperor of Japan 14
What does Meiji mean Emperor of Enlightened Rule
What did the Charter Oath decree All future policies would be based on the consensus of the daimyo of all domains
oligarchy A small group of people who have control over a country, organization, or institution
Who ruled Japan directly The men who had overthrown the Tokugawa Bakufu
What were the two main goals of the new Japanese government to modernize Japan and to renegotiate unequal treaties
What was the main challenge Meiji leaders faced when trying to modernize Japan To develop a nation that would be competitive in the modern world and yet continue to be Japanese
What did the Japanese leaders see Europe and North America as Wealthy and powerful
Why did the new Meiji leaders send half of their members abroad So they could learn about institutions, laws, and customs
Representative government a government in which decisions are made by elected representatives
In what year did the Japanese government send 50 students and officials on a 22 month trip to 12 countries 1871
What was the purpose of the Iwakura Mission To find the best ideas around the world and bring them to Japan
Who led the Iwakura mission Iwakura Tomomi
When did the Meiji period start and end 1868 - 1912
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