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Coding for Surgery

Stack #181462

Induction or administation of a drug to obtain partial or complete loss of sensation? Anesthesia.
Introduction of an anesthetic into the spaces between the vertebrae? Epidural/Subarachnoid.
The (Blank)contains codes for anesthesia codes not covered in the CPT? RVG (Relative Value Guide)
The dollar value for each unit of the RVG? Conversion Factor.
Prolonged E/M Services are indicated by which Modifier? -21
Unusual anesthesia is indicated by which modifier? -23
Multiple operations or procedures performed during the same operative session is indicated by which modifier? -51
Decision for surgery is indicated by which modifier? -57
Procedures performed on infants less than 4 kg is indicated by which modifier? -63
Assistant surgeon when qualified resident surgeon not available is indicated by which modifier? -82
One service or procedure that has no relationship to another service or procedure? Distinct Procedure.
(Blank) are found at the beginning of each of the CPT sections? Guidelines.
The period of time following each surgery that is included in the surgery package is established by third party payers and is referred to as the (Blank and/or Blank)? Post-operative period and/or Global period.
Assigning multiple CPT codes when one CPT code would fully describe the service or procedure? Unbundling.
T/F: Modifier -99 is needed only if the third-party payer does not accept the addition of multiple modifiers to a codes. True.
T/F: Autogenous is another word for donating body parts to another person. False.
T/F: The term dilatation is a surgical excision to cause dilation. False.
T/F: The mold that holds a grat in place is a stent. True.
Introducing a tube into a hollow organ is referred to as: Intubation.
Referring to childbirth is known as: Partum.
Within the walls of an organ is called: Intramural.
Away from the midline: Abduction.
Toward the midline: Adduction.
Surgically connecting 2 pieces of intestine: Anastomosis.
Through or across a vein: Transvenous.
Cleaning or removing skin or tissue from a wound: Debridement.
Non malignant, not progressive: Benign.
Of the same species, but genetically different: Allogenic.
Abnormal opening from one area to another area or to the outside of the body: Fistula.
Not entering the body, not breaking the skin: Non-invasive
Abnormal or altered tissue: Lesion.
Movement by which two parts are drawn towards each other is: Flexion.
Application of force to a limb: Traction.
The period of time prior to a surgical procedure: Preoperative.
Created by: douelt