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World Hist Amer Rev

American Revolution for World History

Disputes over this caused the French and Indian War Ohio River Valley
War fought between Britain and France from 1754-1763 French and Indian War
Law that required that all colonists purchase a special stamp for all paper goods Stamp Act
Law that placed a tax on tea for the colonists and gave British tea merchants unfair advantages over colonial tea merchants Tea Act
First battle of the American Revolutionl; "the shot heard round the world" Battle of Lexington and Concord
Writer of Common Sense Thomas Paine
Persuaded Virginia to fight in American Revolution: "Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry
Father of the Constitution James Madison
Statesman and Philosopher; Part of the committee that drafts the Declaration of Independence Benjamin Franklin
Colonial write who helps fuel the fire for the American Revolution John Peter Zenger
Group that supported gaining independence from Britain Patriots
Groups that wanted to remain loyal to England Loyalists
Group that sided with neither the Patriots or the Loyalists Neutrals
Document that declared American independence from Great Britain Declaration of Independence
Date for the acceptance of the Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776
Main author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
Enlightenment philosophers who greatly influenced the Declaration of Independence Jean Jacques Rousseau John Locke
Battle known as the turning point of the American Revolution Battle of Saratoga
Battle which resulted in the surrender of the British by Lord Cornwallis Battle of Yorktown
Treaty which ended the American Revolution Treaty of Paris
First governing document of the USA that created a weak and ineffective central government Articles of Confederation
Document created to replace the Articles of Confederation and current governing document of the USA Constitution
Type of government created by the Constitution Federal Republic
First 10 amendments to the Constitution Bill of Rights
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