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World War 1

How many years of peace were the before 1914? 100 years
What did Ethnic groups want? Independence
What caused tension between countries? Pride in one's country
Who fought over Morocco? French and Germans
Did fighting over land in other parts make tension worse? Yes
What land were Great Britain and Russia fighting over? Mesopotamia
What were countries competing for? Military prestige
Who became the 2nd strongest military? Why? Germany, because they tripled their $ on war ships
What did France do to their number of soldiers? Increased their soldier supply
What was the Two Power standard? British idea that Navy should be bigger than next two most powerful countries
What system led to rivals? Alliances
Would countries ever unite? Yes, to help in the case of war
What did these alliances cause countries? Caused them to get involved in war that they don't have anything to do with
When was the Triple Alliance (Three Emperor's League) formed? 1800's
Who was involved in this Triple Alliance Germany, Austria, and Russia
Why would Russia and Austria have tensions with each other? They would have tensions with each other over the Balkans
When was the Triple Entente formed? 1890
Who was involved in the Triple Entente? France, Russia, Great Britain
Who killed the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife? Gavrilo Princip, who was a member of the Black Hand
What was the Black Hand? A group who wanted to unit all Serbs under the same rule
Where was the Archduke from? Where was he killed? He was from Austria-Hungary. He was killed in Serbia, Bosnia.
What does Austria-Hungary issue Serbia? Does Serbia accept all of these demands? An ultimatum. Accepts all but one, the war mobilization
How does the War break out? Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
What in the war gets more countries involved. Alliances
What was the Schlieffen Plan? Germany's plan to win the war because of two fronts. They will attach France first then move onto Russia.
Who were G.B.'s allies? France and Germany
Who later became allies? United States of American and Italy
Who were the central powers? Germany and Austria-Hungary
What roles did propaganda play in WW1? Tell the people what government wanted them to know, and only print what the government wanted printed. Britain and Germany used it to humiliate each other and make the other look better.
Who was the target of propaganda? The everyday people (citizens). These would get the people to support what they wanted to happen.
Why was propaganda so important during WW1? It was able to inform the people of what was going on. With people informed, they would be able to help out the armies that needed help on the battle field.
Why do you think the USA didn't want to get involved in WW1 at first? They weren't interested in waging war overseas. Ther wer neutral, isolationists. US had a policy called isolationism.
What role did the Committee on Public Information (CPI) play when America went to war? They filled people in on what was going on
Armistice an agreement to stop fighting (11/11/1918)
Homefront activities of Civilians during war
No-Man's Land area between trenches
Trench Warfare combat using soldiers trenched to protect
Stalemate draw, both sides at stand still, can't win
What does MANIA represent? Militarism, Alliances, Nationalism, Imperialism, Assassination
When did Woodrow Wilson say "The World must be made safe for democracy"? April 2, 1917
What was Wilson trying to say when he made his famous quote? Trying to persuade congress to declare war, because at that time you always needed congresses approval to declare war
What did the German's have the most of? Submarines
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare The practice of using submarines to attack and sink all forms of enemy shipping, weather they are military or civilian
How many Americans were killed when the Lusitania sunk? 128 Americans were killed in 1915.
What all was on the Lusitania? Brass, steel, cheese, butter, along with the 128 Americans
What did the Germans not wanting to do? Provoke a war but they were ready to start back up again
When was the Zimmerman note created? 1917
What did Germany offer to do? Help Mexico gain lost territory from the USA
What would Mexico have to do to America? Keep America out of the war in Europe by declaring war on them
What did Mexico refuse to do? To help Germany btu British intelligence passed on the note to the Americans
Who were still in stalemate? The Central and Allied powers.
What did Germany know they had to do? Act quickly to win before American involvement
What did Unrestricted Submarine Warfare do? intensified and massive offensive along western front in 1918
Who did G.B. successfully blockade? German ports
What did they Ludendorff offensive do? They were underway to break the stalemate of the western front
What was the influx of new American troops called? dough boys
What was greater then the Germans? The new allied offensive
What was able to break the trench lines of the western front? Allied infantry and tanks
What of the Germans was broken? Morals, population was tired of war, and Germany's allies had called for peace
What did Germany call for? Why did they call for this? Called for an armistice on 11/11/1918. Called for this because they were alone.
When was WW1 officially over? 11/11/1918
Big 4 members (who represented each): US, G.B., France, Italy US=Woodrow Wilson, G.B.=David Lloyd George, France=George Clemenceau, Italy=Vittorio
Who had different gains out of the war compared to the US and Italy? France and G.B.
Who wanted to weaken Germany? Why did they want to? France and G.B. Wanted to weaken so that they would be no threat, and also to expand their empires
Where did Italy want to gain land from? Austria-Hungary Empire
Who else was fighting in WW1? Japan, they were in Asia and some were fighting in the trenches with the US
Why did Wilson have 14 points? He wanted to "make the world safe for democracy"
What article of the treaty blamed Germany for the war? Article 231
What does LAMB mean? L=land and League:created, A=army:Germany's Army and Navy restricted down a lot, M=money:war reparations, B=blame:Article 231 of treaty blamed Germany for the war
What were war reparations? The losing country has to repair cities and buildings destroyed in war
Why would Woodrow Wilson want freedom of the seas? So that ships would be able to travel the open seas and get supplies to the people. Also so that way people could import and export goods, and so that there would be no wars at sea.
Does Wilson believe Italy should gain any new territory? Yes he does think this. But he only thinks they can gain new territory if their government can support it.
Name two pieces of land that Wilson thought Germany should lose. Poland and Alsace-Lorraine
Who had control of Iraq, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon? Iraq=G.B. Palestine=G.B. Syria=France Lebanon=France
What are the similarities between the 14 points and the treaty? Redistribution of German territory, form League of Nations, and telling different countries what they needed to do.
What is a problem today from the partition of the Ottoman Empire to the Europeans. Religion. Europeans are Christians and the Ottoman Empire is Muslim. Europeans would come in and force Christianity upon the muslims. These Christians would hate this.
What three countries lost major portions of land? Russia, Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire, and Great Britain.
Four countries that were formed out of the Austria-Hungary Empire? Yugoslavia, Austria, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia
Did France gain any land from Germany? Yes
Five countries that were formed from land of the former Russian Empire. Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Lithuania
Major benefit of "buffer" states between Germany and surrounding countries. Protect those big countries from going into war easily. Make so that these countries are easily protected.
What does Georges Clemenceau mean when he says “You are sheltered; we are not”? They are surrounded by the ocean, which is their barrier. France is right in the middle, and beside Germany. America, G.B. & Italy all surrounded by water.
Explain why big four were not entirely on the same page. They all want something different, most out of war.
Archduke Ferdinand was from what country? Archduke Ferdinand was from Austria-Hungary.
In what country was Ferdinand killed in? Ferdinand was killed in Bosnia. Serbia
Should the United States have joined the League of Nations? Explain Should not have joined the League of Nations. Shouldn't have joined because all that was created was more tension between the different countries that were involved.
If you were in control of the treaty, would you have been as harsh on to Germany? Explain I would not have been so harsh on Germany. Germany not start war, Serbia was the ones who stated that war. They killed the Archduke from Austria-Hungary, and this caused Austria-Hungary to be very upset.
Why blame Germany for the war? Germany was blamed for the war because they invaded Belgium August of 1914.
Were the seeds of war set with the Treaty of Versailles? Explain not set. Treaty blamed Germany for everything, and because they got blamed, they were being punished. The Treaty was basically a set of demands that was given to Germany.The Treaty never established that others were causing the war.
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