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Chapter 15

The Renaissance

What was the worldview of Renaissance artists which became the style of art during this time? Realism
Whose frescoes were the first masterworks of the Renaissance; showing depth and following laws of perspective? Raphael
Who painted idealized human figures on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Michaelangelo
What does Renaissance mean? rebirth
Who was the model "Renaissance Man": an artist, scientist, inventor and visionary? Da Vinci
Why would Milan have had an advantage in trading with Europe? close to land w Europe trade routes
In Renaissance Italy, where did most people live? Cities/urban port areas
What was Troubadour poetry usually about? *Chapter 10/12* Becoming a better man for a special lady- being brave
Who wrote "The Prince"? Machiavelli
What was the philosophical belief during the Renaissance that said social standing should be based on merit and achievement? Humanism
Why did Renaissance happen first in Italy? Wealthy trade merchants
Created by: PLHSWorld