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Chapter 9

Islam and Arab Empires

What is the belief in multiple gods? Polytheism
What is the compilation of Holy scriptures of Islam? Quran
Which group accepted only Umayyads as the true rulers of Islam? Sunni
Which group accepted only the descendants of Ali as the true rulers of Islam? Shia/Shiite
What was the journey of Muhammad and his followers to Medina called? Hijra
Who is the secular and spiritual leader of an Islamic community? Caliph
What is the distinctive tower of a Mosque called? Minaret
Who captured Baghdad in 1055 and took over Eastern provinces of the Abbasid Empire? Abi Bakr
Many Arabs began to intermarry with conquered peoples under the rule of which Caliphs? Abbasids
How did Europeans develop through achievements of Muslim scholars? read Aristotle and other Greek Philosphers
Which Caliph allowed Arabs to take control of the Byzantine province of Syria in Southwest Asia? Abu Bakr
What are the acts of worship practiced by Muslims called? Five Pillars
What is the code of law that regulates all aspects of Muslim life? Sharia
Explain the five pillars of Islam Allah, Fasting, Zakat, Pilgramage, and Prayer
Why did Mohammad's teaching appeal to many people? United under one God
During times of war, what was the role f foreign merchants? Peace
Before trade routes were established, Arabs were primarily_____? Nomads
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