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Ramadan in Islam

AS Islam revision on Ramadan

The Islamic name for fasting is sawm
You cannot E**, D****, S****, or have S** eat drink smoke sex
It is a D*** duty
It is one of the ******* of Islam pillars
'O you who believe, sawm is prescribed for you as it was prescribed to those before you so that you may become ****-**********" Qur'an 2 self-restrained
Qur'an 2: “The month of Ramadan is the month when the Qur’an was sent down as g________ for mankind..and as a Standard." guidance
Qur'an 2 CNTD: Let any of you who is at home during the month, fast in it; anyone who is i__ or on a j______ shall do a number of other days.” ill journey
Should I fast: a healthy adult Yes
Should I fast: someone who is capable of understanding what they're doing? Yes
The minimum fasting age is 12
Should I fast: mentally or physically ill No
Why would you feed a poor person for every day of the fast cannot fast
Travellers, people who are sick, women menstruating and pregnent people should they: A) Fast B) Not Fast C) Not fast but make it up later C
When during the month of Ramadan do you fast daylight
Ramadan is **-** days 29-30
it falls ** days earlier every year according to the Western Calender 11
Muslims CAN fast leading up to / after the month of Rammadan leading up to
Muslims CAN fast on the ___________ and ____________ of any week Monday Thursday
Muslims CAN fast for _______ other _______ failing commandments
you must not fast on _________ days feast
Although normally Rammadan is judged by when the dawn appears in the sky BUT in the UK it's judged by the C___________ L_________ M__________ central London mosque
Fasting ends at ______ sunset
The fast ends with the call to the M****** prayers maghrib
the right i___________ for fasting is very important intention
your motive for fasting is to s_____ and p______ God serve and please
The rules of fasting are lay down in the books of F***. This book includes who is excused, what they do instead and what breaks the fast fiqh
If you eat, smoke swallow spit or dust without r_________ it, it's ok realising
you can receive medical i_________ whilst fasting injections
You should study the ***'** extra hard during this month Qur'an
you should not L** lie
You should not G***** gossip
you should not A**** argue
they should be **** and C_________ to each other kind charitable
extra prayers are said in the morning / at night at night
each night how much of the Qur'an is read 1/30
Some Muslims spend their last 10 days completely in S**** and P****** study prayer
Fasting is good P_________ally and S______ally personally socially
It could be described as..... “A most fulfilling and enriching act of spiritual dedication”
It trains you in ..... self discipline
It raises A_____ of the Qur'an and its teaching Awareness
Fasting U______ the community unites
It makes the rich more s_______ towards the poor sympathetic
Ramadan celebrates what it is to be a Muslim
It teaches Muslims to be increasingly ( G & G ) grateful and generous
Fasting is ... regarded principally as a method of self purification. By cutting oneself off from worldly comforts, even for a short time, a fasting person gains true sympathy with those who go hungry as well as growth in one's spiritual life.
Fasting is .... our month of training should be, for us - the army of the kingdom of Allah on earth - a month of remembrance of Allah's mercies to us in the past.
The fast is ended by .. appearance of the moon
The next festival after Ramadan is Eid ul Fitr
Eid ul Fitr is a C.... celebration
Eid ul Fitr involves fireworks, gifts, parties and fairs ect. as well as the richer muslims .... donating money to the poorer Muslims so they can join in the parties too
Eid ul Fitr also U..... the community unites
Created by: TrueRocker
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