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bham WWI 2015

bham-STAR-WW I- 2015 2015 2015 2015

What does the "M" stand for in the WWI acronym MAIN? Militarism
Whose death started WWI? Archduke Ferdinand
What group assassinated the Archduke? Black Hand
The Schlieffen Plan was designed by the German military to Avoid a two-front war
What was the name of the neutral country that Germany had to invade to initiate their plan? Belgium
Germany's plan to avoid a two-front war. Schlieffen Plan
What style of war was fought on the Western Front? Trench Warfare
What new weapon did the Germans possess before any other country? Submarine
What weapon that was used in WWI that has since been outlawed? Poison gas
What weapon caused the most death in WWI? Machine Gun
What weapon made attacking Britain a reality? Plane
Besides planes, poison gases, machine guns,and submarines, what other weapon was introdused during WWI? Tank
France,Britain,and Russia(Best Friends Rule) were part of? Triple Entente
Germany,Austria-Hungary,and the Ottoman Empire were part of? Triple Alliance
What does MAIN stand for? Militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism.
Which side did the US take when it entered into WWI? The allies
The Triple Entente became known as the? Allies
The Triple Alliance became known as the? The Central Powers
Which Russian Dynasty fell during WWI? The Romanovs
Which country left the war in 1918 allowing Germany to transfer large numbers of troops from the Eastern Front to the Western Front? Russia
Who was the leader of the Russian Revolution? Lenin
What is the main reason the U.S got involved in WWI? Zimmerman note
Who wrote the 14 points? Woodrow Wilson
Name of the group that Wilson wanted to create to prevent war in the future. League of Nations
President Wilson said that his Fourteen Points would provide a framework for A lasting and just peace.
What did Germany resume(start again) that helped convince the USA to join the war? Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
Pride in one's country. Nationalism
One of the most destructive new weapons used in WWI was Machine Gun
In the Zimmerman Note Mexico was promised what? That Germany would help Mexico regain lands lost to the United States in the Mexican American War.
The United States was economically tied to which side? The Allies
Germany had to pay for the cost of the war. This is known as? Reparations
How did the Treaty of Versailles lead to WW II? It left an angry Germany wanting revenge.
What does the word futile mean? Pointless
Germany was severely punished by what document? Treaty of Versailles
What is a negative nickname for the Germans? The Hun
During World War I, U.S. propaganda posters often portrayed German soldiers as Violators of human rights
Created by: crbham4